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  • A VW beetle is rear engine rear wheel drive, so charlie shouldn't be able to fix the engine/gearbox clutch plate in the front.
  • Bee was supposed to involved in world war 2 according TLK , but this was set in 1987.
  • Optimus prime only arrives on earth when bee finds Sam and messages him, so he can't be that truck n trailer on the bridge in the closing moments.
  • Towards the end of the movie, Shatter enables a hologram of the International Space Station from her wrist. The movie is set in 1987; the ISS was not launched until 1998.
  • In the scene where Charlie and Memo go to the big cliff-side party, at one point Memo says the phrase "What's your damage?" to one of the bully girls. This phrase was popularized by the movie Heathers, which came out in 1988, the year after Bumblebee is set.
  • Movie is a prequel. In the original movie Bumblebee is said to have had his voice damaged in a battle with Megatron and Ratchet had been trying to fix it. In this movie his voice box is ripped out by Blitzwing.
  • Earlier in the movie, Agent Burns calls himself, "Major Burns." In fact, he is wearing the eagle insignia of a Colonel.
  • While Charlie's mom is driving Bumblebee, she freaks out when Charlie pulls up next to the driver's window in her moped and says that she was afraid she was being carjacked. The term carjacking was not used in 1987. Per Wikipedia: The word is a portmanteau of car and hijacking. The term was coined by EJ Mitchell, an editor with The Detroit News. The News first used the term in a 1991 report on the murder of Ruth Wahl, a 22-year-old Detroit drugstore cashier who was killed when she would not surrender her Suzuki Sidekick.
  • During the cliff-side party, the song It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock was playing. This song was released on August 2, 1988, one year after the movie's setting.
  • Optimus and some of the other Transformers have their Earth vehicle designs, even though they haven't come to Earth to copy the vehicles yet.
  • In the Cybertron scene at the beginning, Soundwave has his classic boom box design, but he hasn't been to Earth to copy one yet.
  • Bumblebee's tire pattern changes a few times throughout the movie.
  • In Transformers: the Last Knight, Bumblebee was said to have played a role in World War 2, however in this movie, he only arrived to Earth in 1987.
  • At the end of the film, the Golden Gate Bridge is shown with a movable (zipper) barrier running between the lanes. This barrier was not installed until 2015, well after the year the movie is set in.
  • In wide shots of the Golden Gate Bridge with downtown San Francisco in the background, the skyline-dominating Salesforce Tower can clearly be seen. This building did not break ground until 2013, over twenty years after this movie takes place.
  • During the mid-credits scene, Bumblebee meets with Optimus Prime and they witness other Autobots arriving on Earth. In the original film, none of the other Autobots arrive until 2007, two decades after the events of this film.
  • Optimus knowingly sends Bumblebee to Earth, knowing that its survival is crucial to theirs. In the original film, nobody pays Earth any mind until they realize the Allspark is there.
  • When testing Bee's new radio/tape deck, Charlie briefly plays a tape of "Never Gonna Give You Up"; although the song is from 1987, the year of the film's setting, it did not release in the United States until early 1988.
  • In one sequence, Bumblebee is seen crushing a can of Tab Cola with his fingers. The can however is of modern vintage, as shown by the can's shape (with the tapers, as opposed to the more purely cylindrical can of 1987) and the calorie count mark on the label (which was added sometime after 2010)
  • At the very end, as Bumblebee is seen from the front, driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, his headlights are on. When seen from the back, the taillights are not on - either they're on or off, but not both.
  • Agent Burns is shown with the rank insignia on his shoulders (05) that do not match his collar devices (06).
  • When Bumblebee plugs into the wall socket, he plugs into the ground line. This should have had no effect.
  • Before Charlie finds out Bumblebee is a robot she uses a creeper to look underneath him. There is nowhere near enough clearance under a Beetle to do this without first putting it up on jacks or ramps.
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