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  • While visiting the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, Paul Verral explains to Billie Dawn that the country's whole government is based on "these three pieces of paper." In reality, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights were written on vellum, or parchment, which is made of stretched and treated animal skin.
  • In the beginning of the film, Billie puts her fur coats, one by one, on the porter's right arm. In the next shot, when Eddie puts the last one, all the fur coats are on the porter's left arm.
  • When Eddie serves a drink to Mrs. Hedges, she picks up the glass and he takes his hand off immediately. Next shot he is still taking off his hand.
  • After Mr. and Mrs. Hedges leave, Billie goes out of the room dancing to the sound of the radio, with a lit cigarette in her left hand. The next shot shows her entering in the other room with no cigarette at all.
  • In the final scene of the movie Billie and Paul are pulled over by a motorcycle cop. There are three shots, one of them driving to the curb, one of them talking to the officer, and then driving away. The officer who talks to them is obviously much older (and bigger) than the thin young man in the first and third shots.
  • In the first discussion between Paul and Billie, the position of Billie's left arm changes between shots.
  • The position of the papers on the desk changes between when Billie puts them down and Harry forces her to sign them.
  • When Billie leaves, Harry sweeps the books off the desk where she has signed the papers. But the next time he comes into the room there are stacks of books there again.
  • When Barry threatens Billie with a 'bloody nose', the position of her right arm changes between the long shot (holding onto the banister) and the closer shot (holding a handkerchief to her nose).
  • The position of the screen with bookshelf picture on it changes several times during the last scene in that room. It varies was being nearly closed (almost flat) to varying degrees of being opened.
  • The bejeweled Billie has been engaged to Harry for 7 years and yet not once is there a scene with an engagement ring on her finger.
  • Brock's luxury suite at the Statler Hotel (now the Hilton), on 16th and K Streets, NW, has a close-up view of the Capitol dome which could not possibly be seen from that angle across town.
  • When Harry and Billie turn the radio on and off repeatedly during the Congressman's first visit, they alternate between using the left and right knob on the radio (actually they don't touch either knob but just wave their hands in the general vicinity of them).
  • About an hour and a half into the movie, after Billie and Paul kiss in the elevator, Billie and Harry (wearing a robe with weird stripes) argue about getting married. Harry says, "You can't just walk out, Judy..." when he should be calling her "Billie."
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