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  • When Buck yells, "Shut up!" at Blanche in the shoot-out scene, Gene Hackman's mouth doesn't move.
  • When Bonnie says to C.W. that the car is a "stolen four-cylinder Ford coupe," she has her left arm leaning on the car door and the right one inside. In the following shot she has her arms crossed on the door.
  • Otis Harris takes the gun from Davis holding it by the barrel and passes it like this to Clyde. In the subsequent shot Clyde is holding it by the barrel too, instead of the handle.
  • Inside the car, when Blanche and C.W. go to buy some food, she lights a new cigarette with the butt of the other. In the following shot the butt has disappeared.
  • While fleeing Texas law enforcement after a bank robbery, the gang drives into Oklahoma on dry land instead of over a bridge, as one might expect. The substantial Red River forms the boundary between Oklahoma and the parts of Texas (northeast and north-central) in which they were active criminals. The dry-land section of the Texas-Oklahoma boundary lies to the north and east of the Texas "Panhandle" which is quite far (about 200 miles at the least) from any of their known bank robberies.
  • When CW offers Eugene back his hamburger, there are several small bites taken out of it. When we cut to Eugene's reaction, it is one large bite.
  • During the frustrated love scene on the bed, Clyde turns on his back and puts his left hand on his chest after kissing Bonnie. In the next shot, however, his left hand moves off of her breast.
  • When Clyde enters Ritts Groceries to make a robbery, Bonnie stays in the middle of the street holding a cooler bottle. When they run toward the car, however, the bottle disappears.
  • Blanche is eating a doughnut in the back seat during a motor scene. It goes from one bite missing to half-gone, then mysteriously back to one bite missing again.
  • During the tourist court shoot out, the signage states they are in Platte City, Iowa. In actuality the shootout took place near Platte City, Missouri, and near the present day Kansas City International Airport. The approximate location of the tourist court is near Interstate 29 & NW Cookingham Dr. The tourist court has since been torn down.
  • As the gang leaves a bank robbery in 1934, and 1940 Ford firetruck almost hits their getaway car.
  • In the final scene where Bonnie and Clyde are killed, the Ranger and his deputies are wielding Thompson sub-machine guns. In actual fact, the weapons of choice were Browning Automatic Rifles (B.A.R.).
  • When Clyde is taking a picture of Buck and Blanche, he takes the cigar from his mouth and holds the camera with both hands. In the next shot, the cigar is in his mouth again.
  • After he calls Bonnie to follow him, Clyde turns and goes to the car. Then she calls him and points to him with her left hand, keeping her right arm by her side. The next shot shows her with her right hand touching her own shoulder.
  • The character of Ivan Moss is referred to as "Malcolm" by Bonnie in one of the final scenes.
  • Still on the bed, after Clyde stands up, Bonnie appears with a gun near her face in close-up. The subsequent shows her standing up with no gun nearby at all.
  • In the very first scene when Bonnie is flailing around her bedroom, there is an obvious jump in film just as she begins to beat the bed frame with her fist.
  • While Clyde is consoling Bonnie in the field after she tries to run away, his hand is alternately on/off her shoulder between shots.
  • When C.W. throws a grenade at the armored car it hits the front fender, and the fender breaks in half before the explosion. Since the car is presumably a heavy steel vehicle, (which it was in real life) the light weight grenade shouldn't have broken the fender.
  • Near the end of the movie, as they are riding on their car, Bonnie picks up a pear from a grocery bag and starts eating it. In the following shot, she shares the pear with Clyde but the pear is upside down.
  • After the Texas Ranger spits on Bonnie's face, she then tries to rub the spit off moving her hands downwards as she is still wearing the hat. On the next scene as she finishes rubbing off the spit, suddenly she is not wearing that hat.
  • On the opening credits, the card giving Bonnie's background mentions that she was born in Rowena which is in west Texas, just outside San Angelo. When Bonnie and Clyde are in the café and Clyde is talking about her background, he says, "You were born around east Texas, right?" to which she incorrectly responds, "Yeah."
  • Bonnie pays the grocery delivery boy with modern Sixties-era currency - dollar bills looked quite different during Depression, when story took place.
  • The film portrays Texas Ranger Frank Hamer as a vengeful bungler who had been captured, humiliated, and released by Bonnie and Clyde. In reality, Hamer was already a legendary Texas Ranger when he was coaxed out of semi-retirement to hunt down the duo, and never met either of them until the moment he and his posse successfully ambushed and killed them near Gibsland, Louisiana in 1934. In 1968, Hamer's widow and son sued the movie producers for defamation of character over his portrayal and were awarded an out of court settlement in 1971.
  • The fire truck at the roadblock is a 1940 model. It stands out as being too modern for the depression era.
  • Bonnie's hairstyle in the film is that of a 1960s style, and not of the 1930s.
  • In the gas station scene where Bonnie and Clyde meet C.W., the lights used for the camera are reflected in the car's chrome fittings, especially on the back of the rear view mirror.
  • Bonnie and Clyde drive into a hay field (in 1933) and are surrounded by modern (for 1967) hay bales tied with twine. The type of hay baler needed to make these bales didn't come into use until the 1940s.
  • The newspaper with the headline "Where is he?" is supposed to be about Clyde, but has almost no information about him.
  • In the scene with the homeowner being evicted by the Midlothian National Bank, after the two homeowners shoot the gun, the homeowner hands the gun to Clyde handle end first, and the very next scene shows Clyde grabbing the barrel of the pistol.
  • Before crossing the state line into Oklahoma, the Barrow gang robs a bank. When they get into the getaway car and start driving, the scene is cut away several times and each time, the car is pushed back from where it was before.
  • When the Bonnie and Clyde gang takes a break to secretly meet with Bonnie's mother and other relatives, they are outside in the secluded Texas countryside, playing, having a picnic, and enjoying themselves. It is hot outside, and we see parched earth and dry grass. As Clyde talks to old Mrs. Parker, he opens the wrapper to an Eskimo Pie and casually bites into the chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream as he talks. There is no means of refrigeration anywhere and it would have been liquid in that heat.
  • When the gang drive out of the field the left hand headlight is broken and dangling above the bumper. The left hand headlight is mounted in its correct position in the following scene.
  • In the Kodak scene, a hat falls onto the running board of Buck's car then disappears.
  • During the Kodak scene, the door to Buck's car closes shut, but we do not see or hear him close it.
  • About 50 minutes into the film Bonnie tells Clyde to pull the car over. Clyde drives into a field and they both get out, walk a way behind the car and start squabbling about getting rid of Buck's wife. Bonnie's hair is messed up and a few strands are draped back to front and more hair is hanging down the middle of her face. Scene cuts to Clyde momentarily then right back to Bonnie - with her hair out of her face and the back to front strands are gone.
  • The police car that rolls during the chase across the Oklahoma border has an obvious dummy in the front passenger seat, which can be seen as the car rolls. The only other occupant is the stunt driver.
  • Clyde walks with a limp. At the start of the movie when he is robbing the general store to impress Bonnie he runs to the store without the limp.
  • Camera reflected on the group's truck, while Clyde looks for Bonnie in the cornfield.
  • Before Eugene Grizzard and Velma Davis are taken hostage by B&C's group, the cameraman's shadow briefly passes over Clyde after pulling up next to his car.


  • During the final attack on Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie's dress alternates between showing gray powder/squib stains and bloodstains.
  • In the movie Clyde is killed outside of the car when in actuality Clyde was killed inside the car from the first volley from the ambushers.
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