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Quotes from Bloody Disgusting Presents House On Sorority Row

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    • Pig: I'm a sea pig...
    • Diane: Slater is a dying breed. When she goes the whole species will be extinct.
    • Dr. Beck: You're the last one of your friends alive. You're the bait.
    • Mrs. Slater: If that gun is real all you girls are going to be in real trouble.
    • Jeanie: Can you actually believe what we're talking about!
    • Dr. Beck: He must of seen it all from the attic window.
    • Murdered Guest: Brad! Hey... Brad?
    • Morgan: Does that mean she could still be alive?
    • Stevie: Kathryn listen to Vicki for once.
    • Liz: It's already too late now.
    • Vicki: You're all a bunch of cowards!
    • Stevie: Is it loaded?
    • [as she passes the gun over]
    • Vicki: Of course not
    • [as Stevie takes the gun]
    • Vicki: BANG!
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