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  • In the first fight scene in the alleyway that Jack and Wang witness, the same stuntman can be seen charging, fighting, and indeed being KO'd alternately dressed as a Chang Sing, or Wing Kong.
  • Jack's truck has an overhead pull line for his air horn (seen on-screen when the Puma truck cuts them off). Early in the film, when Jack is pulling into the Chinese market, you can clearly see that he's *not* pulling that line when the truck's horn sounds.
  • During the fight between the two Chinese gangs, Jack and Wang are sitting in the truck's cabin. But in external shots of the truck, there's nobody inside.
  • When Jack Burton rolls backwards in the wheel chair that stops and is teetering on the edge of falling into a well, you can clearly see the wires holding the chair in place to keep it from falling.
  • When Jack Burton is kicked through the air by one of the three storms, padding can be seen through the shirt of the stuntman before he hits the chair.
  • When Jack Burton is explaining what happened in the alley, he mentions that Lo Pan had "light coming out of his mouth". However, Jack could not have seen this, as he was already temporarily blinded by the light from Lo Pan's eyes, and had his hands over his eyes by the time the light came out of Lo Pan's mouth.
  • When Jack and Wang are rescuing the girls and a fight breaks out in the white plaster storage area, they use the same shot twice when one of the bad guys is kicked and lands on a table against a wall.
  • When Jack shoots the lock off of the first line of cages his gun fires twice before the first sound of a gunshot is heard, then at least three more times, again with only one gunshot heard.
  • During the first stage of the fight between the Chang Sings and Wing Kongs in the alley, there is a Wing Kong firing a Thompson Sub-Machine Gun. While he's firing, he's clearly using the model with the double handles. However when he gets shot and drops the gun, the model changes to the version with the flat bar grip in the front.
  • When Thunder is chasing after Jack and Wang the color of his undershirt changes.
  • Jack and Wang Chi change places as they chase the punks at the airport parking lot. When we see them from the back Wang is on the right (close up on back of his jacket. Then we cut to a frontal view and he is still on the right of the screen, while he should be on the left.
  • When Lo Pan encounters Gracie, who is just seeing the floating Mao Yin, Lo Pan's pinky-nail is as long as the others for just one scene. In all of the other scenes his pinky nail is extended.
  • When Jack, Wang et al exit the Wing Kong Import/Export Exchange Company, Uncle Choo is waiting outside in a yellow bus. Wing Kong security then open fire on the bus as it drives away. However, as the bus turns a corner seconds later you can see that there aren't any bullet holes or broken windows on the side of the bus they were shooting.
  • Obvious fake knife that Jack holds between his teeth.
  • In the deleted/extended scenes on the DVD, as Jack's truck pushes the car into the water, one shot shows the car driver's window is open. The next shot shows it is closed.
  • When Kurt Russell is pulling himself up on the wheelchair from falling into the well, you can clearly see an effects hinge under the chair that is actually pulling the chair back up, even though it appears as though Jack Burton is doing this with pure strength.
  • When Egg serves his magic potion to Jack and the rest of his warriors in Lopan's bar, you can see that his goblet has ice all over its bottom half, showing that they used dry ice to make the goblets steam and bubble.
  • When Lo Pan inserts the needle into Miao Yin's wrist, she can be seen wincing.
  • When Lightning steals Miao Yin from the White Tiger, he leaves the room by floating straight up on the lightning, but then you see him again, leaving from a different direction.
  • During the first stage of the fight between the Chang Sings and Wing Kongs in the alley, one of the fighters is hit to the ground and you can see the asphalt flex revealing the crash pad underneath.
  • During her first scene at the airport, the color contacts on Gracie's "green" eyes are sometimes visibly out of place (look at her right eye when she turns to Jack after asking "what are they doing here?").
  • Jack describes Lo Pan as being able to shoot light out of his mouth, but when Jack encounters Lo Pan in the alley after running through him with his truck, Lo Pan shoots light from his eyes before light comes out of mouth. Since Jack was already blinded by the light from Lo Pan's eyes he couldn't possibly have seen the light come out of Lo Pan's mouth.
  • When Jack and Wang are tied to the wheelchairs Jack's chair has wooden slats and it is facing the door where Wang's chair has a straw back, but when they make their escape and Jack rolls down the ramp Wang's straw backed chair is replaced with Jack's wooden slat chair.
  • Although the Three Storms are Chinese, when they reply to Lo Pan's commands, they answer hi, with "Hai", which is Japanese for "Yes".
  • When Jack and Wang are escaping from lightning before the scene cute from when Jack is going up on Egg's crossbow pulley you can see Wang still holding on to the rope.
  • When Lo Pan rides the escalator down before his wedding ritual that makes him mortal, James Hong wasn't wearing the makeup that makes Lo Pan look like an immortal ghost.
  • Our heroes slide down into a storage room the Wing Kongs store piles of fish used as food provisions. The room is obviously room temperature and fish does not stay fresh long and yet nothing appears rotten and a Chang Sing even bites the head off of one and offers it to Burton.
  • When The Three Storms confront the gangs in the street, they brandish and throw Kukri knives at the gang members. Kukri are not a traditional Chinese weapon, but Indian/Nepalese.
  • Gracie says she would be with Jack if he traded in his truck for one with a little apartment in the back. However, the Pork Chop Express did have an apartment in the back, as evidenced by the large section behind the cab and the curtain separating the cab from the apartment.


  • Lo Pan's supernaturally tall form is revealed to be nothing more than a pair of high platform shoes when he falls.
  • During the wedding ceremony, Lo Pan can clearly be seen grabbing Miao Yin's wrist to prick her with the ceremonial needle. However, the entire purpose of the ceremony is to lift his curse and return Lo Pan from his current ghostly state to flesh-and-blood. He should not be able to grab her wrist until after the ceremony is completed.
  • Just after Jack throws the dagger that kills Lo Pan, the golden statues start to fall like dominoes. Not only can you see the pedestals deliberately collapsing to enable the effect to go off smoothly, but several of the statues break, revealing the to be made of plaster, not gold.
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