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  • When Juno is in the house smoking, her cigarette changes size repeatedly throughout the scene. Also the smoke doesn't always come out of the slit in her throat.
  • When Beetlejuice rises from his grave and flies after the Maitlands, the wires supporting him are visible.
  • When Beetlejuice becomes a snake hand-railing, he reaches for Charles' shoes. When you look at his shoes, the tops are red. But when he gets pulled out of the room, his shoes are completely black.
  • When the Maitlands' car drops into the river after the crash, the vehicle has no side or back windows (probably to make it sink a lot quicker).
  • In the attic Adam carefully chalks in the missing door handle but as the door then starts to open it is missing again.
  • In the dinner scene, Lydia can be seen to push her chair back to leave; she doesn't just disappear when everyone starts singing. Lydia doesn't leave the room. She slips out of her chair and the pulls it away with her to the corner of the dining room where she enjoys the Calypso fun.
  • Otho opens a can of spray-paint and hands it to Delia, who opens it again.
  • After Adam finishes drawing the door on the brick wall, he lays the chalk on the table next to the handbook. When Lydia comes into the room and picks up the chalk, it is on top of the handbook
  • When the Maitlands are in model of the cemetery, there is fake green grass. When they return to full size and look down at the model, the cemetery is covered with sand, not fake grass.
  • When the Maitlands are scrambling to get back to the attic door and away from the sandworm, a far shot shows the white door hovering in space some distance above the sand. But in the next closeup, the Maitlands are almost even with the door while standing.
  • Otho's shoes when he is spray-painting the walls in the house change from fire-engine red elf-looking shoes to white trainers as he walks through the bathroom and then they change back to the red elf shoes as he enters the next room.
  • When Charles is looking through his bird book, when he first opens the cover his ring is one solid gold band. Then the cameras turn away from his hand. Then when you see his hand a couple seconds later his ring has changed drastically.
  • When Beetlejuice turns himself into a snake from the stairway railing, in one shot the railing is gone, in another the railing is back even though he's still the snake. Then in another shot the railing is gone again. Until finally he isn't the snake anymore.
  • In the attic, just before he draws the door, the book that Adam is holding is repeatedly open/closed between shots.
  • When Delia writes "Mauve" on the wall, the M is completely formed, but in the next shot there's a little bit missing from the M. Also it's possible to see rest of "Mauve" spraying (not perfectly cleaned from wall) when Delia and Otto enter that room.
  • When Beetlejuice switches his number with the voodoo guy he drops his number on his lap and it falls between his legs. Then when he picks it up it's to the left of his legs.
  • The photograph Lydia takes of the Maitlands would not develop that quickly; they take at least 45 seconds.
  • In the first scene in the attic, after Adam gives Barbara the roll of wallpaper as a gift, it keeps changing from just partially unwrapped to totally unwrapped and back again.
  • When Adam draws the door you can see a faint outline from a previous take of the door-drawing scene.
  • During the dinner scene, the "shrimp" in the cocktails keep changing position.
  • After Otho climbs through the window, causing the blind and drape to fall down, we see him holding the crumpled up drape in a closeup of him and Delia. When the camera cuts back, the drape is nowhere to be seen.
  • Between the attic scene where Adam draws the door and the one where they return from seeing Juno there is a bench or table with tied up newspapers along the wall that Barbara was facing when Lydia comes up the stairs, despite no one being in the attic while they were gone (Charles reveals this by not knowing about the model later in the movie) the bench and newspapers have been moved.
  • In the calypso scene: When dancing the pack of cigarettes in by the one ashtray keeps moving from being flat to tilting on the ashtray to being on it's side, while they are dancing the cigarettes are shown only moments after being full length as being completely burned in the ashtrays. When the shrimp reach up to grab their faces some fall on the table, however each bowl only ever showed 5 shrimp during the scene and each hand still had 5 fingers.
  • Looking into the mirror, the ghosts prove that they have no reflections, but are later reflected in the attic windows.
  • When Otho summons the Maitlands into their wedding clothes, they start to age rapidly. Their age isn't always consistent in the following scenes.
  • When the Maitlands are digging through cardboard inside the model to find Beetlejuice, one of the pieces of cardboard has "FRAGILE" written on it. If the model is a miniature you would not be able to see the whole of the word FRAGILE on one tiny piece.
  • As the Maitlands are climbing the steps of the remodeled house with Juno, the cast's tape "mark" is visible on the step.
  • When Adam and Barbara first get to their house after dying, we can see their reflection in a mirror in a hallway to the left of them. A couple shots after that we see that they are not supposed to have reflections.
  • While Lydia tries to open the attic door with the key, you see her on the outside letting go of the handle. As Adam picks up the screwdriver to poke the key back out you can still see the handle shaking as if she is trying to turn it.
  • When Juno, Adam, and Barbara are seen walking up the stairs, after noticing that their house has been drastically changed, the yellow and blue marks are still left on the stairs.
  • All the people in the waiting room and in the office are in the same condition as when they died and the way they died is shown clearly. However, the Maitlands, who were drowned, are not wet. This was an artistic decision so that the actors would not have to constantly wear wet clothing.
  • When Lydia starts taking Polaroid pictures of the Maitlands, she takes 12 pictures in 10 seconds. First, the motorized version of the Polaroid camera, the SX-70, takes, processes, and spits out one picture in about 3 seconds, so it would take at least 30 seconds to take all the pictures. Second, a pack of film for the SX-70 only contains 10 pictures. Third, for each picture taken, the images would take at least 30 to 45 seconds to become visible. Fourth, the flash also has only 10 bulbs.
  • After the Beetlejuice commercial when Adam is about to poke Lydia's key out of the attic door, the handle is still seen being jiggled on Adam's end, but in the next scene Lydia's hand is not on the knob.
  • When Beetlejuice has his first actual conversation with Lydia, a cockroach scampers by and he eats it. The cockroach is roughly the size of a hamburger in comparison to Beetlejuice, yet he is already miniaturized.
  • Even though Adam and Barbara attempt to scare the Deetzes by altering their appearances, only to find that the living cannot normally see the deceased, later, when they show Juno how they plan on scaring the family again, they go back to altering their bodies, which Juno finds no flaw in. However, she told them to study the "intermediate interface chapter on haunting" and to practice, which, given the shrimp scene, they obviously had been doing both.
  • When Barbara tries to leave the house and falls face down in the sand (the sand worm scene), she is clearly wearing knee pads under her dress.
  • When Adam and Barbara are looking into the mirror Adam waves his left hand but when the camera cuts behind them he's waving his right hand.
  • Right after the Maitland's car falls into the river, a rope tied to the bumper can be seen.
  • The morning after Lydia has taken photos of the Maitlands wearing sheets, she shows 8x10 enlargements of them to her stepmother in the kitchen. The pictures Lydia took were self-developing Polaroids, and there would be no negatives to make enlargements from.
  • After Barbara pulls Adam back on the porch, she shows him that they are not reflected in the mirror, yet, in the background, Adam's shirt is partly reflected in the window.
  • In the opening scene where the spider climbs over the model of the Maitlands' house, Adam picks up this rather large spider with very large blackish body. When Adam is gently tossing the spider out the window, it is a much smaller spider and not the same kind.
  • When Delia gets trapped against the house by her art, the "extra" with the curly hair and glasses looks briefly directly at the camera before looking back down.
  • When a door opens and "Flat Man" calls the Maitlands to Juno's meeting, he holds one piece of "Try & Lose This One". When they walk into the office and Flat Man asks how he looks, he is holding 3 copies.
  • When Beetlejuice disrupts the séance, the wires holding up Barbara and Adam are clearly visible over the green-lit backdrop.
  • The charred smoker in the waiting room is smoking cigarettes with white filters from a Marlboro Red pack. Marlboro Reds have a brown filter.
  • When Otho, Charles and the two movers (in blue coveralls) remove the model from the attic, the layout is much wider than the doorway. If they turned it sideways to get it out many of the buildings and other things, such as the pickup truck, would fall off.
  • When the sculpture crashes through the kitchen window, the interior shot does not match the exterior. (From the inside, the kitchen has a doorway to the outside of the house, as seen at the start of the movie when Jane comes to visit, but from the outside, the window is much higher up in the house, where no entrance could come in.)
  • When Betelgeuse first appears to land in front of the Maitlands, after escaping the graveyard, cables can been seen attached to his hips.
  • Earlier in the film, the Maitlands see that they have no reflections on the mirror and Barbara holds up a toy horse by the mirror, showing it floating in the air, but later when they try to scare Delia and Otho, Barbara is holding onto a knife making it look like she cut Adam's head off. Surely Delia, Otho and Charles could've seen the knife floating in the air.
  • You see a far shot of the house when Delia and Otho start remodeling the house, you see Delia coming out the door to chase down the worker down the stairs. It cuts to Otho putting up a wall and then cuts back to Delia at the top of the stairs again to chase to worker.
  • When Adam, Barbara, and Juno walk into the remodeled house's attic together, and Juno says, "you should have been studying those lessons since day one", her lips don't move.
  • When Barbara and Adam first find the advertisement for Betelgeuse, they have no idea how to pronounce his name. Later, when they attempt to ask Juno about him, she cuts them off before they can blunder into correctly pronouncing it. Yet, when they first say his name 3x,Adam has somehow gotten it figured out.
  • The spider Adam picks up from the model house in noticeably larger than the one he throws out of the window.


  • When Beetlejuice and Lydia are getting married, you can see that he's not wearing any socks as he tries to stomp on Adam's teeth. When he's shown later in the waiting room, he is wearing socks.
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