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Quotes from Beauty and the Beast (La belle et la bete)

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    • [Translated From Trailer]
    • Belle: Who does this castle belong to?
    • The Beast: Everything here belongs to me.
    • Belle: You talk like any other man. It's a little disappointing.
    • [On Her First Night in La Bête's Castle]
    • Belle: My name is Belle. I have come to offer my life in exchange for my father's.
    • [Translated From Trailer]
    • The Beast: Belle, if you don't come back... I'll die.
    • Belle: God of the forest. Let me go back to him. It is my only wish. My only desire.
    • [the Beast Catches The Merchant Taking a Rose]
    • The Beast: My gifts were not enough for you? Do you also have to steal what I treasure most?
    • The Merchant: I won't be treated as a thief or a coward. I am a just and honorable man!
    • The Beast: Who did you pick this rose for?
    • The Merchant: My youngest daughter. She is worth more than anything in the world, to me.
    • The Beast: Then I will give you one day to say goodbye to your loved ones. You only need to whisper the words: "More than anything in the world," to your horse, and he will bring you here.
    • The Merchant: I will not return!
    • The Beast: Oh, yes you will. Otherwise, I will kill your entire family, one by one. I will kill your youngest daughter last, since she's your favorite. Remember... A life for a rose.
    • The Beast: Do you think, with patience and force of habit, you will end up loving me?
    • Belle: I love you already.
    • Belle: You dress in the finery of a prince, you claim you're a man, but you're just a cruel and lonely beast. Try whatever you want to enchant me, to bribe me. You'll always disgust me!
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