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Quotes from Baywatch

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    • Mitch Buchannon: There's your cot, don't jack off on my sheets.
    • [flaming clothing lands on Matt]
    • Matt Brody: That wasn't so bad.
    • [pieces of body-parts then start landing on Matt]
    • Frankie: Leon's not a man of words he's a man of action.
    • [after Leon speaks]
    • Frankie: See now you've gone and ruined it again.
    • [about CJ Parker]
    • Ronnie Greenbaum: She's the reason I believe in God.
    • [final scene]
    • Stephanie Holden: super-slow motion?
    • Summer Quinn: Yeah.
    • [dryly]
    • CJ Parker: Wow. This is gonna take a while.
    • [winks]
    • Mitch Buchannon: That's how we roll.
    • [end]
    • Mitch Buchannon: Uh, guys, after finding the drugs, helping save Chen and helping me blow up the bad girl with a Roman candle, it's a pleasure to say you are officially no longer trainees.
    • CJ Parker: Whoo!
    • [everyone applauds]
    • Mitch Buchannon: Congratulations!
    • CJ Parker: Yeah, guys.
    • Mitch Buchannon: Hey, guys, one more important thing. I want to introduce you to our new captain who has been running our Hawaii division very successfully for years now: the amazing Captain Casey Jean.
    • [Casey Jean appears. Matt and Ronnie are stunned]
    • [staring]
    • Ronnie Greenbaum: Is it just me, or is she in...
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