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An 80th anniversary celebration of Batman ushers in Michael Keaton returning as the legendary hero who battles against the mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the diabolical Penguin (Danny DeVito) - who has a plan to destroy Gotham City and the Batman. Fans won't want to miss this classic Batman tale on the big screen!


  • Michael Keaton
  • Danny DeVito
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Christopher Walken
  • Michael Gough
  • Michael Murphy
  • Cristi Conaway
  • Andrew Bryniarski
  • Pat Hingle
  • Vincent Schiavelli

Did You Know?


  • Sam Hamm's original screenplay draft had the Penguin and Catwoman going after hidden treasure. Dissatisfied with that, Tim Burton brought in Daniel Waters, writer of Heathers (1988), who came up with the concept of an evil business mogul backing a bid for the Mayor's office by the Penguin.
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  • The snow floats on water.
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    • Selina Kyle: Wow, *the* Batman - or is it just "Batman"? Uh, your choice, of course!
    • [Batman walks away]
    • Selina Kyle: Well, that was very brief. Just like all the men in my life.
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

I own it and love! It was one of my first ones I owned! I never saw it in theaters since I wasn't born! I wanted to experience it in THEATERS, and I was not disappointed! I LOVED IT AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Anthony C
Verified Review

Been a Batman Fanboy since I was 6 years old and saw it at a New Years Eve Party. Every time I get a chance to see a Batman movie at the theater I go. Hadn't seen Returns at the theater since opening Day in 92 when I was 9 years old.

Kyle E



The new film is simply more confident, more idiosyncratically dark, weird, gnarled and twisted than Batman. And because it's more obviously permeated by Burton's style and sensibility, it's also more fun. [19 June 1992, p.47]

Metacritic review by Jay Carr
Jay Carr
Boston Globe

Burton uses the summer's most explosively entertaining movie to lead us back into the liberating darkness of dreams.

Metacritic review by Peter Travers
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone

Our rooting interest is not for any macho act by Batman to save the city but for each character to achive some sort of emotional peace. That makes for a strange but refreshing action story.

Metacritic review by Gene Siskel
Gene Siskel
Chicago Tribune