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  • Rita's shoes change from boots to high heeled pumps when she escorts Mike Lowery from Captain Howard to the AMMO team.
  • In a number of outdoor scenes, including a funeral and a car chase set in downtown Miami, numerous bare trees and fields of brown grass are visible in the background. Since the entire Miami area has a tropical climate, and as such lacks deciduous trees that shed their leaves each fall, it's obvious these scenes were filmed in Atlanta but not digitally retouched in post-production.
  • Mike tells Marcus that he went deep undercover during his days at the academy, unbeknownst to Marcus. In Bad Boys 2 Mike and Marcus both admit going to the academy together. Mike admits having an affair on said assignment and his child was born in 1996. That means the child was conceived in 1995. The first film takes place in 1995 with both men out of the academy for a long time and detectives.
  • Although the film is set in sunny Miami - a vast majority of street scenes show overcast skies and several dead trees line the streets - a give away that filming took place in the much cooler Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The police drone used is an off-the-shelf DJI Mavic Pro, available to consumers. It is incredibly loud, and would have given away its position to the bad guys long before it was able to spy on them.
  • When Amando's mother calls him when he is behind his laptop reading a news article about Mike. His phone is beside him on the desk when it goes off. The ringtone is heard, but the screen of the phone is black. He then 'picks up' his phone, while the screen stays black and has a conversation and ends the phone call. All the while the screen never turns on.
  • The slugs pulled out of Mike have clearly not been fired.
  • Contrary to what is portrayed in the movie the 5.7x28 round used in the P90 is not that rare and is in fact made by several different manufacturers in the United States and Europe.
  • The vehicle that Mike and Marcus get in at the nightclub is red but changes to black and back to red throughout the chase.
  • The guy Marcus and Mike chase outside of the nightclub change from being on the right side of his forehead to the left side of his forehead when he is in the vehicle with Marcus.
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