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Goofs from Babe

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  • Babe's feet are muddy when he runs over to the wagon, but clean soon after.
  • The fax machine Hoggett receives as a gift is different from the one he uses to send his application for the show.
  • The sheep thieves drop their ramp when they leave, but when Hoggett arrives it has gone.
  • In the end credits, it lists Terry Knapp as "Cat and Poulty Trainer." Notice Poultry is misspelled.
  • Straps holding sheep in neat formation visible.
  • The Boss uses the phone on the fax to call about the competition, yet the power doesn't get restored to his house until he's at the competition. - Telephones do not need the electricity to be functioning in order to work. Phone lines provide independent power to keep communication lines open, even without main power working. While the fax machine would not work without power, the telephone could still be used.
  • At the beginning of Babe's competition, Farmer Hogget removes the leash which then reappears and disappears in subsequent shots.
  • Farmer Hoggett kills a duck for Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve. But duck's meat needs 5-8 days to be softened in order to be edible.
  • Babe is a boar (boy pig), but when Esme Hoggett rubs Babe's belly, it is obvious that the pig playing Babe is a sow (girl pig).
  • In the final act, just after Farmer Hoggett latches the pen, there are three long shot views of the field, two from deep in the grandstand and one from the view of Rex and Flye. In only the latter can Farmer Hoggett and Babe be seen, there is no sight of them in the shots looking out from the grandstand.
  • The competition clock at the sheep dog trials has no minute hand.
  • On the day that Farmer Hoggett spends with the sheep, and shearing them, the number of sheep keeps changing.
  • When Farmer Hoggett is shearing sheep, it is morning and lunchtime. However when he piles the fleeces on the wagon it appears to be sundown. He then continues his shearing with the sheep, and also giving Babe a chance to drive them out of the pen.
  • When Farmer Hogget goes outside to inject his dog with a tranquilizer, he injects the serum under the dog's skin. In actual fact, tranquilizers are given to animals in the muscle on their backs above their tail.
  • When Babe says it's "nearly dawn", the sun is already up.
  • When farmer Hoggett's wife is measuring babe, it is a clear sunny day. When the camera shows farmer Hoggett watching, it is raining in the background.
  • As the camera moves over the crowd near the end, you can see people at the bottom of the screen ducking to get out of the way of the crane.
  • When Duchess the cat is thrown out of the house she tries to touch the door knob to get back in the house. He paws the knob in the middle of the door. Then the next shot shows the door knob is higher.
  • When Farmer Hoggett pets Rex, while Fly is explaining his hearing loss, the sound of clicking can be heard from the animatronic Rex when it mimics panting.
  • In a panoramic shot of the Hoggetts' farm, two ducks can be seen mating.
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