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Trivia for Baaji

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  • This is Meera's comeback movie.
  • Meera getting replaced by Mehwish Hayat in a song happened with Meera in real life as well.
  • Fake marriage certificate scene is inspired by Meera's life.
  • Video-leak scene is also inspired by Meera's life.
  • Amna Ilyas's role was rejected by Mawra Hocane.
  • Amna Ilyas was supposed to do the "Gangster Guriya" song.
  • A lot of scenes in this movie are inspired from Meera's life.
  • Nisho Begum is doing a movie after a hiatus.
  • Meera was offered to do stage shows in real life as well.
  • Ali Kazmi's character is inspired from Meera's ex-boyfriend.
  • Humaima Malick was fired from the sets of Baaji.
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