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As Good As Dead

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Dec 16, 2022

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Bryant, a man with a mysterious past moves to a small Mexican border-town to start over and live the simple life. While there, he reluctantly befriends a troubled local teen who recently lost his morning and is being recruited by a local street gang. To keep him on the straight & narrow, Bryant takes him under his wing and introduces him to martial arts. As the story unfolds, we learn Bryant is more complex, running from a violent past. As it catches up to him, he is forced into a life and death struggle to clear his name, save the boy and get back all he left behind.


  • Michael Jai White
  • Tom Berenger
  • Luca Oriel
  • Louis Mandylor
  • Guillermo Iván
  • Gillian White
  • Gabriela Quezada
  • Michael Copon
  • Roberto "Sanz" Sanchez

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