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  • When Ash is gathering armour before constructing the mechanical hand, he takes a modern "drilling hammer" off the tool rack.
  • During the first sword fight between Ash and Evil Ash, Ash's sword is the same length as Evil Ash's. Afterwards, when Evil Ash yells, "Back-stabber!" and pulls out Ash's sword from his body, the sword is small like a dagger.
  • While in the windmill, Ash breaks a modern "back silvered" glass mirror, this type of mirror would not be invented until 1835. In the Middle Ages mirrors were made of highly polished silver or copper.
  • Ash's hair when talking to Lord Arthur about returning to his own time.
  • When Ash did a flip over Evil Ash and stabs him in the back, it appears that Ash's cape got caught with the sword and Evil Ash. The next shot, Evil Ash did get stabbed but Ash's cape didn't.
  • When Ash falls from the sky, boards are clearly visible where he lands, where it should be sand.
  • During the fight with the ghoul in the pit, the spiked walls move too fast and come close to crushing Ash multiple times, only to reset during changes in camera angle.
  • Ash uses his belt to escape from the pit. He swings the buckle end up, but the other end wraps around the chain in the next shot.
  • Ash is momentarily dry after falling in the puddle before entering the windmill (the result of a cut scene).
  • After Ash climbs out of the pit we see that the holster for his shotgun is empty. Then moments later Ash uses the shotgun to shoot Arthur's sword. But it's quite likely his rescuers retrieved the shotgun separately (and in the Director's Cut, you can see one of the locals handing it to him).
  • After the witch falls to the ground, Arthur kneels and reaches toward it. His hand is just about to touch its shoulder. When the shot changes, Arthur's hand is further away.
  • When Ash uses his belt to escape the pit, he is seen in one shot with his hand wrapped around both the belt and the chain. In the close-up of him losing his grip, his hand only grasps the belt.
  • In the final scene of the movie, Ash fires 34 rounds from a lever action carbine; A gun which has a maximum capacity of 15 rounds.
  • The air ramps used to launch the actors during the catapult scenes are visible.
  • During the Deadite siege, Ash dramatically orders the front gate barred. But the castle is equipped with both an outer and inner portcullis, which are specifically designed to frustrate would-be invaders. All the bar does is prevent their use.
  • Crew member visible behind grating in the pit sequence.
  • When Ash is fighting the hag after building his mechanical hand, he reloads his double-barreled shotgun and fires four rounds instead of two, and between each of these shots you can hear an audible re-cocking sound as you would from a pump-action shotgun. This sound would not be heard as there is no pump-action on a double-barreled shotgun.
  • In the windmill, just before Ash steps on the nail, he suddenly has soot on his face. This is because of a deleted scene where he hits his head on the stove pipe, knocking it lose and pouring the soot in his face.
  • As Ash is being chased though the forest you can see the tip of the cameraman's shoe as he runs with the Steadicam.
  • The sun is rising when the reinforcements arrive, but soon after it is dark again (caused by re-editing the sequence, which was originally written differently).
  • After Ash shoots Arthur's sword, you can see something on the side of the broken sword that faces Arthur's surprised face. It could have been the device that blew the sword apart, or something attached to the back of the sword that had to do with it being broken for the shot.
  • Length of Ash's hair as he searches the forest for the book.
  • In the windmill one of the miniatures holds up a nail that Ash stands on, but the nail can clearly be seen in front of his foot.
  • During the windmill fight with the little creatures, a bucket of lard falls on his head, slinging lard globs everywhere. When the bucket finally comes off, his hair is almost totally dry.
  • At the beginning of the movie when Ash is being sucked into the portal, the cable that he is suspended from while spinning is visible.
  • Some viewers believe they see Ash landing on mats when he falls through the portal,(which is too clearly seen to be a 'goof'), however on closer viewing they are, in fact, the *Large Paving stones* that led up to the cabin; There are 3 visible, yet Ash barely lands partly on only one. You can plainly see them because it's shown in slow-motion.
  • When the first captive falls into the pit, a large splash of "blood" goes everywhere. But in the following shots, the blood is gone.
  • The metal rim around the pit was fastened with bolts which were not in existence in 1300 AD. Also, the chains used are of a modern design, and the leg clamp is welded - also not in use in 1300.
  • When Ash's car falls out of the sky, you can see the chains they used to suspend the car from a crane.
  • When the Book of the Dead is attacking Ash in the Graveyard scene, you can see the mechanism used to make the cover and pages flap (look for it when the book is attacking his neck, not while flying).
  • About 29 minutes in, as Ash is being chased through the forest on his horse, you can see a black pickup truck in a three-second shot on the right of the screen as it follows Ash.
  • When Ash fights Evil Ash, his mechanical hand switches from his right to his left hand. Also in the same fight, it can be seen that Ash has both his hands at one point, even though his right hand should be the mechanical glove.
  • During the fight with the pit monsters, Ash fires his double-barrel shotgun 3 times without reloading, it could have only held two shells.
  • Before the final battle when the camera is zooming in on Evil Ash, you can see the actors eyes who is in the skeleton costume on the left side of the shot.
  • During the final battle a man (Sam Raimi) in a T-shirt and modern shoes charges in with Henry's army.
  • When Ash shoots Evil Ash in the face, Evil Ash jerks back before the shot fires and is actually in the air when the muzzle flash goes off. There is also a significant delay in the time between the click of the gun is heard and the blast.
  • Ash's mechanical hand is often clearly a cloth mitt, very noticeable in final scene.
  • During the end battle as Ash starts running over the deadites with his steam powered modified car one of the skeletons can be heard shouting, "It's the one in the car we want, get him!" but cars hadn't yet been invented at the time.
  • Not so much a goof as very hard to see if you are not looking for it. In the chase through the forest, as the tree splits at 27.47 there is a face embedded in the left hand side of the tree trunk.
  • When they raise the drawbridge, the chains that pull it up have slack in them. The chains should have been taut.
  • The fog being sucked into the first book is violating the laws of thermodynamics. It is obvious that they filmed the fog coming out of the book, and played it backwards for this scene.
  • It's important to realize that army of darkness was shot in a style to emulate many in the continuity flaws within the evil dead series. Notice brakelights as the Olds 88 is sucked into the vortex.
  • When Ash straps Evil Ash to a table he revs his chainsaw. The chainsaw chain rotates in the wrong direction. All chainsaw chains travel in the direction that would pull the saw toward the tree when cutting with the underside of the bar (exiting on the top and returning in the bottom). It's a fundamental safety issue.
  • At the beginning of the movie Ash is being chain-ganged using a wooden stocks that bind his wrists and his neck, each through a separate hole. However, although his right hand had been self-amputated at the wrist, he seems unable to free his arm by simply pulling the stump out through the restraining cuff.
  • When good Ash and bad Ash finally separate, neither of them have a mechanical hand, but later in the cemetery scene, Ash (good Ash) has his mechanical hand back.
  • When Ash is lifted out of the pit by the chain, he barely escapes having his legs crushed by the rapidly closing spiked walls by kicking the monster hanging on to them off in the nick of time. However, this same monster, which should have been crushed, emerges from the pit soon after.
  • When Ash crashes through the castle gate with the Olds/Deathmobile, he says "say hello to the 21st Century.." But the car is a 1973 model, and the movie made in 1993 - so it makes more sense for the line to be "say hello to the 20th Century.."
  • When Ash emerges from the Pit it is obvious that his sawed off shotgun is NOT in the sheath on his back, but moments later when Arthur draws his sword Ash is mysteriously able to shoot the sword in half with the shotgun.
  • When Evil Ash ejects Ash over the castle wall, you can see evidence of a safety mat under the ground when he lands.


  • Both armies come together twice to congratulate each other.
  • A hand wearing a gauntlet (not a white glove) holds the reins of Ash's horse as he rides off near the end.
  • At the end of the battle as Arthur's army advances towards Henry's army, one of Arthur's warriors carrying a seven foot axe passes in front of Ash. After Shelia becomes human again, while hugging Ash, the same warrior with the same seven foot axe passes in front of them again.
  • When the Wiseman tells Ash to drink the potion and say the words, his lips are saying something else. We can hear what he actually spoke by watching the Alternate Ending on the DVD.
  • When Ash is attacked by a zombie in S-mart he is seen falling into a pile of boxes that are in front of the counter. In the next shot, he is seen getting up from behind the counter
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