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  • There are numerous instances where the technology on display (laptops, hard drives, flash drives, internet, etc.) exists far earlier than the year, even decade, being depicted.
  • The movie takes place in 1990. Gadgets such as USB flash drive, laptop with webcam, and a Nokia mobile phone don't exist until early 2000s.
  • The Profoto lighting equipment visible in the movie wasn't released until some 20 years after the time it's meant to be set. The D1 lights (strobes with LCD visible on the back) were released in 2011, and the umbrellas in 2013.
  • In 1991, Agent Miller tells Anna that he could have her shipped to Czech Republic, but Czechoslovakia didn't dissolve until 1993, the Czech Republic did not yet exist when this scene takes place.
  • In 1991 Anna uses a USB drive to download data from a KGB computer, USB drives did not exist before 1999.
  • In 1987 Anna applies to the Soviet Navy via a wireless laptop. Laptop computers did not exist before 1988 & WiFi did not exist before 1997.
  • When Lenny is waiting for Anna, outside the Embassy in the car, his seating position changes to coincide with camera angles.


  • Cameras everywhere capture Olga shooting Anna, and nobody notices Anna making a switch with a dead body while an overhead camera is focused on her.
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