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  • At the end, when Ayushman is narrating the entire story to Radhika, he also perfectly describes the "Rabbit" and the actual "Car accident", when in fact he was truly blind at that time.
  • The rabbit walking stick was not a goof. Rather it was a clue to the audience that probably the whole rabbit story was a lie. Akash and Doc might really had killed Tabu and took her eye as the final scene with Akash suggests. The tucking up of the beer can.
  • Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) is not blind during the entire movie in-fact he is only blind for about a few hours when Simi (Tabu) makes him blind by removing his cornea, just after which the small boy enters the room and probably with the help of his parents takes him to see an eye specialist, after which Akash is treated and cured. This is evident because just after this scene Akash is attacked by the policeman, where it is clearly visible that Akash's iris is now black and not white. After which in the entire movie Akash wears the fake lens he has. And yes in the end Akash and Doc did kill Simi and that is how Akash benefited from this entire mess and finally landed in London. The whole rabbit story was made up by Akash so that he seems like a good decent guy in front of Sofie (Radhika Apte)
  • In hotel room scene, when Simi is speaking to Inspector Mahendra about Akash, just below the hanging photo of Pramod Sinha we can see boom mic reflecting in mirror.
  • When Aakash and Sofie meets first time and Sofie gives rides to Aakash in evening at 5.30, she hands over helmet to Aakash without saying or touching and Aakash takes it instinctively. If Sofie could've paid attention, she would knew that Aakash is lying.
  • When the cat steps on Casio piano keys, the sound of the chords do not match the keys pressed.
  • After Akash saves himself from getting murdered by Manohar Jawanda he escapes from his house located in Prabhat Road and the next immediate shot is shown of him reaching to the main road. The main road is, in fact, Budhwar Peth which is not near to Prabhat Road.
  • Because corneas have no blood vessels, matching blood types is not necessary for a transplantation.
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