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    • Aloe Blacc: Go where the music takes you.
    • Narrator: America. People came here from many different places, each brining a different note
    • Narrator: This fusion of cultures sparked a surge of creative freedom
    • Narrator: America's cultural diversity has shaped all our songwritiers, including Aloe Blacc, who grew up near Los Angeles
    • Aloe Blacc: I want to soak up all the different historical styles of American music and weave it all into my next album
    • Aloe Blacc: Hip hop was revolutionary
    • Narrator: As the pioneer of Jazz, Louis Armstrong was the driving force who reshaped music in the 20th century
    • Narrator: When we share a song we love with other people, it brings us closer. Every kind of music has that power.
    • Aloe Blacc: Today, Nashville, TN is the capitol of country music which grew out of traditional music from Scotland, Ireland and Africa
    • Aloe Blacc: By combining blues, gospel, and country, Elvis Presley made it cool to break the rules, which thrilled teenagers-and drove grown-up's crazy!
    • Aloe Blacc: Elvis
    • [Presley]
    • Aloe Blacc: sparked the biggest musical revolution the world has ever seen
    • Aloe Blacc: Gloria
    • [Estefan]
    • Aloe Blacc: overcame her humble start, to become America's all-time best-selling Latin singer
    • Narrator: Words are a challenge for children with autism. They often find music easier to understand because music is processed by a different region of the brain.
    • Narrator: Where would the world be without Jazz? Or rock-and-roll? American music now belongs to everyone. It has the power to inspire dreams and change our hearts
    • Narrator: Centuries of immigration have given us a wonderful gift. This wild intersection of cultures sparks enormous creative energy
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