American Renegades

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A team of Navy SEALs discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake.


  • J.K. Simmons
  • Sullivan Stapleton
  • Charlie Bewley
  • Sylvia Hoeks
  • Joshua Henry
  • Diarmaid Murtagh
  • Dimitri Leonidas
  • Clemens Schick
  • Ewen Bremner
  • Peter Davor

Did You Know?


  • J.K. Simmons is the only American actor in this movie. Joshua Henry, although raised in the United States was born in Canada.
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  • Radio Comms: Several times during Radio comms when trying to organise the extraction at the start of the film instead of using a proper Callsign the British Special Forces are simply assigned the call sign "22 SAS". This would NEVER happen in reality, nor would it be broadcast over Radio Comms as it would give away the fact the world's Elite Special Forces Unit (22nd Special Air Service Regiment) are operating in the area. Call Signs are never assigned in this manner naming a unit specifically. Airing a Special Forces Unit name over comms in such a manner would be horrendous trade craft. Certainly not something one would expect from a Navy SEAL team.
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Dec 25, 2018

A cross between Ocean's 11 and The Expendables. American Renegades is also not nearly as fun as that sounds.

Metacritic review by Simon Abrams
Simon Abrams

There is a spectacular scene in which someone drives a tank off a bridge, and JK Simmons gives the film some ballast as the guys’ scowling commanding officer, but the rest of the time this resembles a TV movie of egregious averageness.

Metacritic review by Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian