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    • Eric Borsuk: How can I tell you if I'm in or I'm out without telling me the first thing about what I might be in or out of.
    • Warren Lipka: You're taught your entire life that what you do matters and that you're special. And that, there are things you can point towards that would... which'll show that you're special, that show you're different, when, in all reality, those things... don't matter. And you're not special.
    • The Real Spencer Reinhard: Van Gogh ended up killing himself. Monet went blind. I felt like they understood something more about life that I wasn't getting to experience. Art has to be about more than just, "My life is great and I'm really good at drawing."
    • Spencer: Do you ever wonder, you ended up being born. You, here, and not someone else? Do you ever feel like you're waiting for something to happen, but you don't know what it is? But, it's, that thing that could, um, make your life special.
    • Warren Lipka: Like what?
    • Spencer: Exactly. "Like what?"
    • Warren Lipka Senior: Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit.
    • Warren Lipka: Thing is, I worked to get on that team, since I was about five. And I have absolutely no idea why. To be honest, sir, I think this whole place is a disappointment. I think you're a disappointment. And I think this whole goddamn town, is a disappointment.
    • Warren Lipka: Man, I don't want you waking up, ten years from now wondering what could've happened. And who you could've been.
    • The Real Spencer Reinhard: To have this, this need to know what is on the other side of that line, and realizing the only way to actually do that is to cross it, there's never a point in your life after that where you haven't already crossed that line. Um... you know, it's... it was... It was definitely a terrifying thing.
    • The Real Warren Lipka: And so, the idea that we were doing this extraordinary thing absolutely appealed to us. Appealed to me.
    • The Real Spencer Reinhard: Looking back on it, I've often wondered which events I remember from Warren's point of view, or I remember from my own. And, if it was easier to choose one over the other because of what it provided for us.
    • The Real Spencer Reinhard: I don't remember if the guy I saw in Central Park was someone that I saw or somebody that Warren told me I saw.
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