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  • At around 17 mins, on the flight deck, the captain is talking to the co-pilot about a previous flight, and is speaking about the co-pilot on that previous flight. He says, "He was sitting "right there in that jump seat, and said to me, "Do you want me to take [control of the aircraft] from here?"" One cannot control an aircraft from the jump seat. He meant the co-pilot's seat.
  • Agent Blair's seat is 44A. She sits in the right hand side window seat. In real airliners the A seat is always on the left side.
  • A shot from under the plane after it's taken off, shows the landing gear folding. But the plane is above the cloud cover. Just a moment later the pilot calls Control and says that he's at 1,000 (feet) and is climbing to 6,000 (feet). Landing gear is folding very quickly after takeoff, almost as soon as the plane has left the ground, well before 1,000' of altitude.
  • Near the end of the movie, the air traffic controller reports that the course of the missing aircraft is "Heading 420" There are only 360 degrees worth of compass headings.
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