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    • Marie St. Clair: Perhaps you're right. It was a moment of weakness.
    • [Intertitle]: Time heals, and experience teaches that the secret of happiness is in service to others.
    • Jean Millet: I'll get mother to prepare your bed.
    • Jean Millet: Don't worry dearest, tomorrow we'll forget all these tears.
    • [Intertitle]: In the magic city of Paris, where fortune is fickle and a woman gambles with life...
    • [Intertitle]: MARIE ST. CLAIR - From the drabness of the village to the gayety of Paris -...
    • [Intertitle]: FIFI, a friend - Young and vivacious - living as youth will live.
    • Marie St. Clair: Well, such is life.
    • Fifi: Don't worry, Marie dear. Everything will come out all right.
    • Jean Millet: Well.
    • Marie St. Clair: Well.
    • His Mother: Well.
    • Marie St. Clair: Why bring up the past?
    • Pierre Revel: The trouble is you don't know what you do want!
    • Marie St. Clair: I want a real home, babies, and a man's respect.
    • Fifi: Who do you think was with Pierre last night? That cat Paulette. And she calls herself a friend, the deceitful...
    • Revel's Valet: By the way, whatever became of Marie St. Clair?
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