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  • Based on the 'Here Comes the Grump' animated cartoon series produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and aired on NBC from 1969 to 1970.
  • While the film was shown in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio internationally, it was shown in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio format in Mexico.
  • Not only is this the first British-Mexican animated film co-production, it is also the first animated feature to be done entirely by Prime Focus World after years of providing visual effects work to many blockbuster movies.
  • Anima Estudios' first co-production with London-based Prime Focus World. The two companies will collaborate again in Cranston Academy: Monster Zone (2020).
  • Characters are designed by Craig Kellman who has worked on other notable animated films such as Sausage Party (2016), Hotel Transylvania (2012), and Madagascar (2005). This is his first work on a Latin American animated production.
  • At 34:15 minutes, Princess Dawn, Terry and Bip pass by a mirror on the floor. Their reflection is from the 1969's cartoon.
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