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  • When Jack and Bobby are driving to Jack's house the car is obviously getting pulled along on a trailer as all the dashboard dials (including the speedometer) are on zero.
  • Jack and Ally are walking toward each other in a gas station parking lot during the trip to Arizona. Ally is wearing a blouse when the shot starts, but when they meet and embrace, she's wearing a leather jacket.
  • Ally sings just one chorus and five spoken lines of her song in the parking lot yet somehow Jack is able to do a full arrangement of the song the next day and knows the full lyrics to it and they sing together perfectly.
  • When Jackson is about to see Ally perform in the drag bar, he asks if she's really singing or is it 'one of them karaoke things' , but in karaoke the person is actually singing - even if it's bad! He probably meant to say 'one of them lip syncing things'.
  • Jack doesn't want to go home, so searches for a bar, and finds the drag bar. But when he takes Ally for a drink, he goes to the cop bar and the cop says "you come here every night" so why didn't Jack just go there from the beginning? (Obviously he wouldn't have met Ally but still - plot hole ?)
  • When Ally's dad's friends are watching her & Jack sing Shallow on YouTube, the footage is not the same as what we saw at the concert. Her hand gestures while singing the chorus are slightly different.
  • Near the end, we see Jackson playing outside with Charlie the dog. He is covered in grass all over his shirt. When he steps inside the house, his shirt is pristine. Not a touch of dirt.
  • During the serious chat between Jackson and Ally's manager Rafi, we can see Rafi looking at his phone. However, when we get a glimpse of the screen it's totally blank.
  • When Ally sings "Always Remember Us This Way" on the stage, she has got one string of hair stick together however on the big live screen her hair are messed up and different.
  • When Jackson sees Ally for the last time at their house when she leaves the room for the first time he's laying flat on his back on the bed. When the camera cuts back to him to deliver his last line to Ally he's all of a sudden sitting upright at the end of the bed.
  • When Ally and Jack are checking out at the grocery store, the cashiers's register is actually locked. She would have needed to login, for her to have checked them out.
  • When Bobby takes Jack home from the rehab, they arrive to the house, Jack tells him he idolized him, then shuts the door and walks away - Bobby immediately backs up the car and leaves. Moments later, when Jack enters the house, he is carrying a suitcase and his guitar, none of which has he taken out of the truck.
  • On the private jet, Ally's T-shirt alternates between knotted and not knotted several times.
  • During dance rehearsal before the Saturday Night Live (1975) appearance, Ally, dancing in front of a mirror, is holding a water bottle while she sings. When the camera swings around in front of her, the bottle is gone.
  • After Ally curses In the bathroom following her call with Roger (3:40), she peeks sideways at the camera in the mirror.
  • Halfway through "Always Remember Us This Way", a view of Ally at the piano from the side (the audience's perspective), on the big screen at the back of the stage it shows her singing vocals while for several seconds she is not.
  • When Jack and Ally arrive in their hotel room, Jack drops his key card on the floor as he stumbles into the hallway table. He turns and moves into the next room as Ally goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. When she opens the door, the key card is gone.
  • In the opening concert scene, Jack is wearing tan canvas pants and a blue denim shirt with snaps. As he leaves the concert he is wearing a black shirt and black jeans with a tan canvas jacket.
  • In the crowd shot during "Shallow," you can see that no one in the front row has their phone up recording the performance that would show up on YouTube.
  • In the recording studio, Ally says she's never sung with a track before. But that is exactly what she's doing in the nightclub when Jack meets her.
  • When Ally is playing the piano in the recording studio, Jack is adjusting the sound behind her, except that his hearing difficulties are already well-established.
  • When Ally performs at the I Heart Radio showcase, this is the first time she's performed this song in front of an audience. But when she reaches the chorus for the first time, two women in the front row to Ally's left are singing along, most noticeably a woman in a red halter top.
  • When Jack wakes up in the girl's room, there is a purple flowered pillow under his head. It moves between being on the pillow and being on the left side of the bed throughout the scene.
  • When Jack says, "No socks" to Rez, Rez has his right leg crossed over his left. Seconds later, as the sock discussion continues, his left leg is crossed over his right.
  • When we are looking into the control room at Saturday Night Live (1975), we are seeing monitors which presumably show us what is being broadcast. When the musical guest is appearing on SNL, however, a photo of the musical guest is shown coming out of commercial before going to the live broadcast.
  • The morning the Grammy nominations are announced, Ally has beige nail polish in the photo shoot, but reddish-orange nail polish when she gets home later.
  • When Jack is in the garage, he puts his cowboy hat down and turns clockwise toward the garage door. When we cut to his face, he is turning counter-clockwise toward the garage door.
  • Bobby tells Ally that Jack just kept saying, "I love how she sees 'em, Bobby." But Bobby quit before Ally's first concert touring with Jack, and at their reunion at Saturday Night Live (1975) it appears they did not keep in touch. By the time they were reunited, Jack was describing her musical choices as "embarrassing."
  • When Ally steps to the microphone onstage at the tribute performance, she is lit in a spotlight shining down from her left. In the closeups of her face, however, the shadows of her chin and the microphone are on her left, indicating the lights are now shining down from the right.


  • Just before Jack hangs himself, he feeds the dog inside the house. then goes into the garage, shutting the dog inside the closed house. Later, when the audience is shown Jack's legs hanging, through the garage windows, the dog is outside in the driveway.
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