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Goofs from A Night at the Opera (1935)

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  • Ricardo is clearly standing on the dock as the ship pulls away, yet he turns up on board later as a stowaway.
  • When Tomasso, Ricardo, and Fiorello are about to give their speech, the mayor's tie is crooked. After Chico's speech, his tie is straight.
  • When Rosa is singing to Ricardo from the rail of the ship, she puts her handbag and gloves down on the rail to her left. In the next shot of her, they are gone.
  • Shadow of camera and crane visible as Driftwood enters the rehearsal area and greets the singers.
  • Lasspari's hat is off his head on the ship. But in the next shot when people are asking him to sing, his hat is back on.
  • During the antics on stage during the opera, a battleship backdrop falls into the scene. But just seconds later, the battleship backdrop has vanished.
  • At the beginning of the opera, Gottlieb (having just called Driftwood a "Schweinehund") is in the balcony with Mrs. Claypool. The next shot shows the conductor calling the orchestra to attention, and in the background Mrs. Claypool is now alone in the balcony.
  • When Tomasso plays the harp, the sound is briefly out of sync a couple of times. This is due to the fact that Harpo Marx always recorded his harp music in a studio and then synched during the shoot.
  • When Otis Driftwood is sitting on top of the steamer trunk being pushed by the porter and has the porter stop in front of Rosa's cabin so he can go inside, he's wearing a hat. In the next shot, from inside Rosa's room as he enters it, he's not wearing a hat. When he leaves Rosa's room and goes to Mrs. Claypool's room he's still not wearing a hat, but after he leaves Mrs. Claypool's room and we cut to the next scene which is Driftwood entering his stateroom, he's wearing a hat again.
  • When Tomasso is playing the harp, he is whistling. The fourth time he whistles, we hear his whistle but he doesn't move his mouth until about a second later.
  • Fiorello plays a turn at the piano surrounded by boys and girls. When he gets up, there is a boy there dressed in a light shirt with nothing around his neck. Tomasso comes to sit down, and the same boy now has a darker shirt with a neckerchief.
  • When Driftwood escapes from Gotlieb, you can see the far view of Gottlieb shaking his arm and saying 'That sweinhund!' In the next shot, he does it again.
  • The elevator operator uses the old movie trick of rising from a squatting position to make it appear that the car is rising from the ground floor. Unfortunately, the white elevator certificate over his left shoulder remains motionless the entire time.
  • During the overture to "Il Trovatore" when the orchestra members turn their pages and immediately launch into "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" you can see that their score consists of two pages of sheet music side by side. If they were really following it they should have continued playing the correct music from the opera on the left-hand page before they came upon the baseball anthem, which sits atop the right-hand page where Tomasso placed it earlier.
  • Tomasso slips a violoncello part to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" into the clarinet book for "Il Trovatore." A clarinetist would be unable to read, let alone play, a violoncello part.
  • When Otis Driftwood arrives at his "suite" on the boat, the first time he enters, the room is small. And in the next shots of the room, we see that the room is a little bigger. The pipe that's in the room is closer to the back wall in the first version of the room, and more in the middle in the second version. There's also a 2 light wall sconce in the big room that doesn't appear in the small one.
  • When Otis B. Driftwood is dining in the hotel room, he wears a napkin tucked into his shirt collar. The scene briefly changes and the napkin's position in his collar also changes.
  • Lasspari is "abducted" from the stage as he is singing the famous "Di Quella Pira" aria from the opera "Il Trovatore". In the real opera, the hero sings the aria as he musters his followers to save his mother, whom he has just learned has been sentenced (offstage) by the Count di Luna to be burnt alive. In the film, he is singing the aria...to his mother.
  • Groucho, when Harpo is drinking one cup of water after another, says, "You know, they may have to build a dam in back of him." More reasonably, he should have said, ". . . in front of him."
  • The 3 uncredited, but identifiable actors playing the 3 aviators in their first scene, (Jay Eaton, Rolfe Sedan, Leo White) are not the same 3 uncredited actors playing the 3 sleeping aviators whose beards Harpo trims, but, in the next scene in which they appear, after their beards have been trimmed, the first three actors once again appear.
  • During the Il Trovatore scenes, the extras' mouths are not singing the lyrics that are on the soundtrack.
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