A Boy Named Charlie Brown

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In this first animated feature film based on Charles M. Schulz's ever-popular Peanuts® comic strip, we see the pint-sized hero step up to the challenge, face his fears and show the world what he is truly made of. When Charlie Brown enters the school spelling bee, the doubtful and openly honest Lucy predicts his abject humiliation. But with the help of his best friend Linus and loyal dog Snoopy, Charlie Brown sets out to surprise his detractors in order to attend the national spelling bee in New York City.


  • Peter Robbins
  • Pamelyn Ferdin
  • Glenn Gilger
  • Andy Pforsich
  • Sally Dryer
  • Ann Altieri
  • Erin Sullivan
  • Lynda Mendelson
  • Christopher DeFaria
  • David Carey

Did You Know?


  • The first of the five theatrical, feature-length Peanuts films (the first four were written and overseen by creator Charles M. Schulz).
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  • In the "I Before E Except after C" song, two displayed words are misspelled: FINANCEIR, which should be FINANCIER, and LEIZURE which should be LEISURE.
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    • [at the spelling bee]
    • Charlie Brown: Fussbudget, F-U-S-S-B-U-D-G-E-T, Fussbudget.
    • [the Peanuts gang watching the spelling bee on TV]
    • Lucy Van Pelt: Hey! How'd he know that word?
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