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Quotes from 47 Meters Down

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    • Kate: It's gonna be the best vacation ever.
    • Sammie: Oh, it's like you're going to the zoo - except you're in the cage.
    • Captain Taylor: Trust me, once you go down there you wouldn't wanna come back up again.
    • [Donning her wetsuit]
    • Lisa: Does my butt at least look cute in this?
    • Kate: The other night at the hotel, what did you mean when you said that your relationship was the only thing you were good at?
    • Lisa: You're always doing such fun stuff, Kate. Traveling around the world doing crazy things, guys always chasing after you. I could never compete with that. I was always just your boring older sister, but... my relationship with Stuart was the one thing I had that you didn't.
    • Kate: We were never in competition.
    • Lisa: Maybe you weren't.
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