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    • [From trailer]
    • Otis Firefly: Hello America. Did you miss me?
    • [From trailer]
    • Captain Spaulding: I'm just a clown dancing to the sins of mankind.
    • Judy Harper: What you're asking my husband is completely insane.
    • Otis Firefly: I'm completely insane!
    • Baby: You can only live in the now. Now is the now.
    • Captain Spaulding: What's the difference between a dead squirrel lying in the road and a dead clown lying in the road?
    • Travis O'Rourke: I don't understand the question.
    • Captain Spaulding: Do I stutter?
    • Travis O'Rourke: I don't know.
    • Captain Spaulding: There are skid marks in front of the squirrel.
    • Otis Firefly: I am justice!
    • Captain Spaulding: All hail the man behind the grease paint!
    • Otis Firefly: What do you think, Foxy?
    • Winslow Foxworth Coltrane: I think we're fucked, man.
    • Otis Firefly: The rat sure can squeak. Squeak me a story, rat.
    • Baby: You can't hustle the hustler.
    • Otis Firefly: We all get fucked in the end.
    • Aquarius: Looks like our little indian's warpath has come to a sudden end.
    • Gerard James: Do you have anything to say regarding these photographs?
    • Baby: Yeah, you can't bring the past back up and prostitute that mock-up as a picture of something that happened a hundred years ago.
    • Gerard James: You think this happened a hundred years ago?
    • Baby: You can only live in the now.
    • [whispers]
    • Baby: Now is the now.
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