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  • Despite the title and the Deputy Mayor's claim, there are not 21 bridges leading to the island of Manhattan. The borough of Manhattan contains 21 road, rail and foot bridges, but this number includes the bridge between Roosevelt Island and Queens. Roosevelt Island has no direct road connection to Manhattan island, and would not have to be closed off. The count also includes the Spuyten Duyvil and Park Avenue bridges, which are only open to trains.
  • The Excel file 85, is the only one with a file date with the years in 2 digits, while the others have the years in 4 digits. No file system has this behavior. Also, the file date is (20) 17, but the data inside already goes to 2019 (while it's possible the file was for future payments, it's not very likely to predict 2 years ahead)
  • When Michael runs into an alley, just seconds before he is hit by a bus, the shadow of the camera and the one of the cameraman are clearly visible in the right side of the screen.
  • Raymond, just before he faces Andre, kills a man with a shot in the head. However, the man in the floor is clearly breathing.
  • When Frankie is walking trough the meat storage with her Glock pointed, the trigger is locked back which means the striker is not engaged and the gun will not fire, unless the slide is rocked and the trigger is reset.
  • We are told that Mike, Ray, and Arveil served in the US Army together, yet the dress uniform on the screen is very definitely from the Marine Corps. The ribbons are also worn on the wrong side of the chest, and are far too numerous to be legit.
  • The scenes that show police helicopters flying over the city depict the red and green navigation lights on the incorrect sides of the helicopter. Green should be on the right and red on the left. This reveals that the helicopters are CGI.
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