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  • When Lance Corporal Schofield fires his Enfield rifle, he fires it over five times - and never once reloads. This is mistake as the Enfield had an interior magazine of five rounds. He should have reloaded at least one time.
  • It is an Albatross fighter glimpsed minutes before crashing (Appropriate as the movie is set during "Bloody April" named by the RFC after the arrival of the "Tross".) A close-up shows sheet metal with rivets where as the airplane had a smooth, molded plywood fuselage..
  • Scofield joins a convoy that is temporarily blocked by a fallen tree. Several Tommies are shown manhandling the tree out of the roadway just enough so trucks can get by. When the convoy continues on its way, the camera looks back at the road - the fallen tree is now missing.
  • Lance Corporal Schofield carries a bolt action rifle, that requires chambering a round before it can fire. In one scene however - when firing at a window - he fires twice without chambering a new round.
  • During several scenes where Lance Corporal Schofield is being shot at in the town, the sound of the gun can be heard, and then the bullet ricochet near him. This is inaccurate as the bullet ricochet would be followed by the gun shot as the bullet is traveling faster than the speed of sound.
  • When Lance Corporal Blake is bleeding out you can see his face is turning pale - but not his hands.
  • The mission to warn the regiment not to attack was unnecessary. The general could have had an airplane drop the message to the attacking regiment. It was a common practice during the war.
  • By April 1917 (When the movie takes place) the Allies already knew that the Germans had withdraw and had built a new heavy defensive line. The line had been built during the winter and the Allies first got wind of the withdrawal and the new line in early March 1917. So the attacking regiment should have been aware of it.
  • At the very beginning of the movie while walking inside the trenches, Blake and Schofield pass a soldier carrying a rifle on his *left shoulder*. Even worse, they then meet Sergeant Sanders carrying his rifle in the same, incorrect way. Any trained solider would *never* make such a mistake.
  • Shortly before Blake and Schofield depart into the no mans land between the front line Schofield loads his SMLE rifle with a single stripper clip containing of five rounds .303 ammo. The SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) has a magazine capacity of ten rounds which are loaded from two stripper clips.
  • The letter is soaked in a river for several minutes and is still clearly legible afterwards, Ink at the time would not have been able to survive such treatment.
  • When Schofield leaves the truck at Écoust due to the bridge being out, he's told that the nearest intact bridge is 6 miles. However, when he is later going down-river, an intact bridge can be seen in the background.
  • The injury he suffers to his neck is healed by the time that he gets to the front line. Not a scratch, scar or mark.
  • In the final battle the Devons attack with absolutely no artillery support. That might have happened early in the war but certainly wouldn't have happened in 1917, when the allied armies were much better at coordinated attacks.
  • The film is billed as happening 'in real time' and runs for two hours. Yet the events occur through daylight, then nightime and then daylight the next day, so the events could not possibly have taken place in that two hour period.


  • Scofield bursts through a door while searching for the German sniper and gets wounded. Scofield was given extra grenades at the outset of his mission, so he should have opened the door and thrown in a grenade instead.
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