12 Hour Shift

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Oct 2, 2020

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It's 1998 and over the course of one night at an Arkansas hospital, a junkie nurse, her scheming cousin and a group of black market organ-trading criminals get caught up in a heist gone wrong.


  • Angela Bettis
  • Chloe Farnworth
  • Nikea Gamby-Turner
  • Kit Williamson
  • David Arquette
  • Mick Foley
  • Tara Perry
  • Brooke Seguin

Atom User Reviews

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Sep 28, 2020

The plot, geared as much for comedy as horror, is wound with efficient build-up, and its revolving-door atmosphere is consistent enough to paper over some iffy acting, baggy dialogue, and more than a few minutes of wasted real estate.

Metacritic review by Ed Gonzalez
Ed Gonzalez
Slant Magazine
Sep 8, 2020

The stage is set for all sorts of misadventures, and sure enough, Grant’s film leans into them, heavily, resulting in a film populated by repulsively stupid characters who keep making dumb decisions. The film’s premise has tons of potential, but you won’t find any of that here.

Chris Evangelista
Sep 8, 2020

12 Hour Shift never takes itself seriously enough to make the calamity that ensues anything more than “dumb fun,” and I mean that positively.

Matt Donato