Challenge: find a recent film release that’s generated more thinkpieces, in-depth analysis, and reactionary feedback across entertainment journalism than Jordan Peele’s Us. For a very special edition of Currently Clicking – where Atom Insider highlights some of our favorite articles from across the ‘net – we’ve decided to share some of our favorite deep-dives into Peele’s tethered American hellscape. From personal responses to historical recollections, revelatory glances to questioned theorizing, check out how one of the most thought-about horror movies in years has sparked invaluable dialogue. Oh, and it goes without saying that spoilers will follow in each of these links 

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First Up, Atom Insider’s Coverage Of ‘Us’


Reviews Above, As Below: You’ve almost certainly seen it by now (if not, why are you even reading this?), but if not, Alisha Grauso shares three vital reasons to see Us while it’s still in theaters. – Atom Insider

A Splintering & A Splitting: Kristen Lopez discusses the ways in which Us mimics the fractured life of a child of divorce, exploring the generational damage and horror of a fractured family. – Atom Insider 

Thou Shalt Obey: Finally, Amelia Emberwing dives deep into the Biblical references that underpin the story of Us – and you won’t like what it says about us daywalkers. – Atom Insider

And Now For The Rest Of The Roundup


‘Us’ Explained: Brooke Obie’s tremendous reading of Us is what Twitter users would call “instant follow” material. I admittedly fell face-first into Peele’s narrative traps a few times, but this illuminating essay is like a guiding light in the darkest tunnel. – Shadow And Act 

It’s Our Time Now: Tananarive Due reacts to the “intentional blackness” of Us with powerful resonance, stating why progression isn’t just a good thing for “Black Horror” – but horror in general. A continuation of her contributions to Horror Noire: A History Of Black Horror in the best way. – Medium 

It Takes Two: With so many interpretations and ideas swirling around Us, the back-and-forth between /Film’s Jacob Hall and Ben Pearson captures the ignited conversations that have stemmed – and continue to be generated – from Peele’s doppelgänger damnation. – /Film  

From The Source: Jen Yamato sat down with the cast and crew of Us to discuss the film’s meanings and themes. As you can expect, it’s an interesting and insightful read from those who embodied characters, storytelling, etc. – LA Times 

The End Is Nigh: While others are discussing clones, Candice Frederick focuses on Us’ depiction of Judgement Day. Peele’s interpretation of end times chills as much as his home invasion cinematography, plus Fredrick uses the word “unf**kwithable” so yeah, read this article. – Harpers Bazaar 

Do You Agree: Josh Millican has a theory about the film’s ending that’s been argued over and over again. Not sure I even agree with it, but that’s half the fun. Where do you stand? – Dread Central  

Do You Agree Pt. 2: As an added bonus, check out the Collider Witching Hour podcast crew (Haleigh Foutch and Perri Nemiroff) tackle the same question as Millican. Discussions about Us will never stop, and I love how the banter between these two keep that sentiment very alive. – Collider 


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