I placed an order, now what do I do when I get to the theater?

It’s super easy. When you get to the theater, you can walk directly up to the ticket attendant (aka ticket-taker) and scan your QR code from your phone—no need to print anything.

PRE-ORDER CONCESSIONS If you pre-ordered concessions, your concessions and ticket are on the same QR code. Look for the Atom Express Pick-Up signs near the concessions counter. Just walk directly up to the counter and scan your QR code to pick up your concessions order. That’s right—VIP service.

If you use the Atom Tickets app, make sure to enable location services and push notifications. When those are turned on, you’ll receive an alert when you’re close to the theater that asks if you’d like the theater to start preparing your concessions order. Just hit “yes” and your goodies will be ready for pick-up before you even reach the concessions counter. Like magic.

CONCESSIONS SEAT DELIVERY If you pre-ordered concessions from a theater that provides seat delivery service, just scan your ticket, head into the theater and find your seat. The concessions counter will automatically be notified of your arrival when you scan your movie ticket and they’ll deliver your concessions order directly to your seat.

QR CODE ISSUE If you’re having trouble accessing your QR code, you can provide the ticket attendant with the phone number associated with your order, your ticket ID or your confirmation number and they’ll be able to access your order.

You can find this information in your confirmation text or email.

Example: Hey Enoch, Thanks for using Atom! Your order for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at ArcLight La Jolla for 07:00 PM, 04/25/2016 is confirmed. Scan your QR code at the theater to redeem your tickets and concessions. Your ticket ID is 37250:04046805, confirmation # WMNBMMT