Where do I enter a promo code on my order?

Promo codes can be entered on the “Review Your Order” page in the app or on the website. You’ll see this page after you’ve selected your tickets, seats and concessions.

To enter a promotion code:

  1. Select the desired movie and showtime. You can search by movie or theater

  2. Tap the friends you want to invite. Select friends by tapping on their picture or using "Search for Friends"

  3. Select amount of tickets and seats. Seat selection is only available at supported theaters

  4. On the “Review Your Order” page, tap the “Gift Cards & Promo Code” text box Located at the top of the page

  5. Enter the promotional code in the “Gift Cards & Promo Code” text box Tap "Done" or "Enter" to confirm the promotion code

  6. The “Review your Order” page will reload and apply the promotion