How does Atom work?

Use the Atom Tickets app or go to and browse for movies playing in your area. When you find a movie you'd like to see, just select a showtime and proceed to purchase your ticket. Your ticket will appear as a QR code which is sent to your mobile phone or email. If using the Atom app, your ticket can also be accessed in the app.

Certain theaters will offer concessions when you buy your ticket. Pre-ordering your snacks means you don't have to wait in line when you get to the theater. Just look for the Atom Tickets line at the concession counter, scan your ticket, and collect your goodies!

The Atom app also lets you invite friends to the movies. When purchasing a ticket, just select the friends you want invite. Pay for your ticket and Atom will send invites to your friends. They pay for their own tickets and everyone goes to the same movie. No need to exchange money before or after the show.

When you arrive at the theater, just scan the QR code at the theater entry. If you ordered concessions, you can pick them up at the counter. Look for the Atom Tickets signs and the special designated line.

After the movie ends, don't forget to rate the movie. Open the Atom app or go to and leave your thoughts.

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