Flix Safety Age & Late Arrival Policy


Flix Brewhouse has been working hard to prepare for your next visit. From new processes, sanitization procedures and team member training, Flix wants to ensure your upcoming Flix visit creates an environment where you can relax and enjoy your time with Flix! Below are the details Flix has implemented to enhance your experience:

Cold Plasma Bipolar Air Ionization Flix has installed a high tech solution to neutralizing pathogens and other impurities from their auditoriums. These systems increase fresh air intake and eliminate up to 99% of airborne pathogens, as well as various molds and fungi from the air.

Hand Washing All Flix team members will wash hands at a minimum of once every 20 minutes, and between each glove change which occur between guest interactions or when changing tasks.

Surface Sanitization High-contact surfaces and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected at least once every 30 minutes utilizing environmentally safe, proven disinfectants (no harsh chemicals).

Personal Protective Equipment Use All team members follow both the CDC and local governance with regards to personal protective equipment use. Masks and gloves are used as appropriate. Guests are expected to wear face masks at all times when not seated.

Social Distancing Social distancing is promoted throughout Flix Brewhouse for team members and guests. Flix asks all guests to maintain six feet of distance from people outside their attending party whenever possible. Flix has also implemented a social distancing algorithm in the online seat picker to maintain a minimum of 2 empty seats between each group visiting Flix.

Single-use Items Single use disposable utensils, condiments, menus and pencils are provided to each guest.

Cash Handling Guests are expected to exchange cash at the box office for a gift card to help minimize interactions in the auditorium or to open a tab with a credit card when you're placing your initial order in the auditorium.

Wellness Checks Team members are given wellness checks and exposure screenings before every shift. Team members exhibiting signs of illness must stay at home and will not be allowed to return until cleared to work per CDC definition of recovered.


Flix Brewhouse is designed primarily for guests 17 and older. Children aged 2 – 16 may enjoy Flix if accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. However, children under age 6 are not permitted in shows starting 7 pm or later, or in R-rated movies at any time. R-rated movies are intended for guests 17 and older. Children under age 2 are welcome during special “Flix Jr.” events only.


We begin seating approximately 30 minutes prior to showtime in order to provide food and beverage service before the feature begins. We do not seat late arrivals after the feature begins, so you will not be able to see the show if you are not on time.