Classic Cinemas Safety & Age Policy


Most theaters have implemented new COVID-19 policies to help keep you safe at the movies. To learn more, click here.


Youth Supervision Policy on Fridays & Saturdays, 6 pm to close: Guests age 15 and younger are required to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult age 25 or older. Proof of age is required for youth appearing 15 years of age or under. One adult may accompany up to four youths. The supervising adult must remain with the youths at all times. To ensure a pleasant experience for all, youth 15 and under must be accompanied by a supervising adult 25+ on weekend nights.

To help foster a distraction-free environment Classic Cinemas have adopted two new policies for R-rated movies:

For R rated films: Must present a photo ID. Under age 17 requires accompanying parent or guardian age 25+. Under age 6 will not be admitted at any time.

Children under the age of 6 will no longer be permitted to R-rated features at any time even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We will require the applicable general admission ticket for ages 6-11 to all R-rated features. By eliminating the discounted child ticket we hope to further encourage a mature movie-going atmosphere for films that are geared to an older audience.

We struggled with this decision as our intent is not to dictate family values or determine what is appropriate for children. However, enough children become bored during R-rated features and subsequently disrupt fellow guests that we felt this change was necessary. We hope you see this as a small but positive step toward achieving a more enjoyable movie-going experience.

All cell phones should be turned off when the movie is in progress. Even the light that comes on when you open your cell phone can be distracting to others during the film.

Classic Cinemas' costume policy prohibits masks, face paint, and costume props using real or imitation weapons.

Backpacks and large bags may be subject to inspection prior to admission.

Please contact this theater for additional age policies and restrictions.