Each week on Atom Insider, we’re giving you the heads up on the biggest and most talked about films arriving in theaters. With summer still in full swing, we’re looking at a high-tension scare-fest, but also an R-rated buddy comedy with some funny, familiar actors.

Gator-aid, Anyone?

In a summer full of reboots, sequels, and cinematic universes, it’s refreshing to see a creature feature like Crawl potentially making a splash at theaters. The premise is simply chilling. During a Category 5 hurricane in Florida, a young woman (Kaya Scodelario) has to help her injured father (Barry Pepper) escape the crawlspace of their home before it floods. But alligators have made their way into the flooded town, and they’re hunting the family one by one.

Paramount’s Crawl was directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D, Horns) with a screenplay by Michael Rasmussen & Shawn Rasmussen, and it was co-produced by Sam Raimi. The cast includes Ross Anderson, Anson Boon, George Somner, and Ami Metcalf.

Don’t Call Shotgun

Both Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista have been rising Hollywood stars over the last few years. Bautista transitioned from the WWE into becoming a “guardian of the galaxy,” and Nanjiani went from HBO’s Silicon Valley to being the lead of his own personal story in the hit comedy The Big Sick. In Stuber, Nanjiani is once again an Uber driver (like in Bick Sick), but his latest rideshare (Bautista) is a gung-ho cop who forces him to tag along on an action-packed adventure through the criminal underworld, even though all he wants is a five-star rating.

20th Century Fox’s Stuber was directed by Michael Dowse (Take Me Home Tonight, Goon, What If) with a screenplay by Tripper Clancy, and it was produced by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Game Night). The cast includes Iko Uwais, Natalie Morales, Betty Gilpin, Jimmy Tatro, Mira Sorvino, and Karen Gillan. 

Now In Limited Release

Check your local listings to catch the latest indie fare coming to select theaters. The Farewell (A24) from director Lulu Wang stars Awkwafina in one of my personal favorite films of the year about a family dealing with the looming death of a loved one. And The Art of Self Defense (Bleecker Street) stars Jesse Eisenberg as a budding martial arts enthusiast who wants to discover his own inner (toxic) masculinity.

Stay tuned next week for our recap of how these films fared at the box office. To get tickets to these movies and more, just use your Atom app!

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