Movies are awesome. Free movies are even more awesome. Free movies that you win just for taking a fun selfie with your friends are the most awesome of all.

That’s why we’re launching Atom Tickets’ contest for June: Cinema Selfie Sweeps!

Participating is super easy. Each week in June, we’ll be launching a new movie theater selfie challenge. Take a pic according to that week’s type of challenge, share it on social with the hashtag #AtomSelfieSweeps (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), and that’s it! At the end of June, you could win $100 in movie ticket credit with Atom Tickets!

Real quick though, our legal guy (yeah, we have a legal guy) told me I have to tell you there are terms and conditions. Rules, schmules. But anyway, you can see those here:

Now let’s get back to the fun stuff. Like this week’s Cinema Selfie Challenge…

Week 4: Selfie In Front Of The Movie Theater Marquee

This is it, the last week of our Cinema Selfie Challenge! You’ve been sending us amazing pictures of yourself at the movies and now we come to the last challenge: Take a selfie in front of a movie theater marquee (that’s the sign outside the theater) or the board showing all the movie show times. As always, make sure to upload to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, tag it with #AtomSelfieSweeps, and make sure we see it! Good luck!

Week 3: Selfie With A Movie Theater Poster Or Standee

We’re in the third week of our challenge! We challenged you last week to take a pic with your concessions. This week, the selfie challenge is all about movie art. Simply take a pic next to a movie poster at the theater, or in front of one of those amazing standees and upload it to social media. Don’t forget to tag it with #AtomSelfieSweeps!


Week 2: Selfie With Your Concessions (Or A Concessions Glamour Shot)

Last week’s challenge was to take a selfie with you and your crew in your theater seats. This week, it’s all about giving some love to movie theater snacks. Whether you’re a fan of the OG classic of popcorn, have a sweet tooth for the candy, or love newer concessions like pizza, nachos, and stuffed pretzels, snap a selfie with your snacks haul (or just a pic of the snacks) and tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post it with the hashtag #AtomSelfieSweeps!

Week 1: Selfie With You/Your Crew In Your Seats At The Movies

This week’s challenge is straightforward. You’re at the movies with your friends or your date or yourself – document that ish, yo! Snap a selfie of you in your theater seats, upload it to social, and hit it with that #AtomSelfieSweeps hashtag. Kinda like so:

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#RogueOne opening night with the crew #starwars

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(Except with the #AtomSelfieSweeps hashtag, obvie.)

Check out this week’s tweet here:

That’s it! Get to snapping pics and check back next week when we’ll share our favorite selfies from this week’s challenge and post the new weekly challenge.




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