Movies are awesome. Free movies are even more awesome. Free movies that you win just for taking a fun selfie with your friends are the most awesome of all.

That’s why we’re launching Atom Tickets’ contest for June: Cinema Selfie Sweeps!

Participating is super easy. Each week in June, we’ll be launching a new movie theater selfie challenge. Take a pic according to that week’s type of challenge, share it on social with the hashtag #AtomSelfieSweeps (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), and that’s it! At the end of June, you could win $100 in movie ticket credit with Atom Tickets!

Real quick though, our legal guy (yeah, we have a legal guy) told me I have to tell you there are terms and conditions. Rules, schmules. But anyway, you can see those here:

Now let’s get back to the fun stuff. Like this week’s Cinema Selfie Challenge…

Week 3: Selfie With A Movie Theater Poster Or Standee

We’re in the third week of our challenge! We challenged you last week to take a pic with your concessions. This week, the selfie challenge is all about movie art. Simply take a pic next to a movie poster at the theater, or in front of one of those amazing standees and upload it to social media. Don’t forget to tag it with #AtomSelfieSweeps!


Week 2: Selfie With Your Concessions (Or A Concessions Glamour Shot)

Last week’s challenge was to take a selfie with you and your crew in your theater seats. This week, it’s all about giving some love to movie theater snacks. Whether you’re a fan of the OG classic of popcorn, have a sweet tooth for the candy, or love newer concessions like pizza, nachos, and stuffed pretzels, snap a selfie with your snacks haul (or just a pic of the snacks) and tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post it with the hashtag #AtomSelfieSweeps!

Week 1: Selfie With You/Your Crew In Your Seats At The Movies

This week’s challenge is straightforward. You’re at the movies with your friends or your date or yourself – document that ish, yo! Snap a selfie of you in your theater seats, upload it to social, and hit it with that #AtomSelfieSweeps hashtag. Kinda like so:

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#RogueOne opening night with the crew #starwars

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(Except with the #AtomSelfieSweeps hashtag, obvie.)

Check out this week’s tweet here:

That’s it! Get to snapping pics and check back next week when we’ll share our favorite selfies from this week’s challenge and post the new weekly challenge.




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