In case you hadn’t heard, Captain Marvel is currently tearing it up at the box office. A major part of this success is how Brie Larson embodies Carol Danvers’ swagger and snark, as well as her down-to-earth personality. Some characters become interesting only when they’re heroes – not so Carol Danvers. She’s complex and real whether or not she’s Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, or Binary, and it takes a certain kind of actress to pull it off. Luckily, Brie Larson is that kind of actress, one who was able to nail the role because she herself is just that cool.


At the Captain Marvel press conference, Larson was candid and funny, and showed exactly why she was tapped for the job. She’s the kind of person you want to hang out with. Don’t believe me? Here are seven times Brie was relatable af at the Captain Marvel press conference.

When She Pointed Out She Is Far From Perfect

One of the reasons Larson was initially hesitant to take on the role of Captain Marvel was because she didn’t want to portray a perfect superhero who never stumbles. But she realized that Carol Danvers is full of flaws, and that’s what drew her to the role. Because, she pointed out, she has mortal days just like everyone else:

In particular, even with my job, like you could just see this beautiful finished product where I look great, maybe… in your opinion. Ah, but you don’t know all the other takes that are on the cutting room floor where sometimes I physically landed on my face doing stunts – and sometimes I just do a bad take. It’s just how it goes.

When She Sobbed At The Gym

Let’s be honest. No one likes working out. Well, okay, maybe there are people who actually like working out, but they’re sociopaths. The rest of us don’t actually like it, we just do it because we know it’s good for us or we want a bangin’ booty (mostly the booty thing). It’s tough, it’s exhausting, and, if you’re an asthmatic like Brie Larson, makes you feel like you’re dying if you do it right. Were there tears? Yes, definitely: “I sobbed in the gym many times. My trainer would be like, oh, she’s crying again.”

When She Was Very Serious About Dunkaroo Flavors

Settle around the fire now, children born after 2000, for I shall tell you a tale of the wondrous snacks known as Dunkaroos. They were delicious little cookie sticks that you dunked in icing, and they came in all sorts of flavors. Every ’90s kid had a strong preference for at least one flavor and a deep and abiding conviction that at least one flavor tasted like garbage. During the conference, the directors were asked what ’90s things they wanted to try to get into the movie. Anna Boden talked about candy and mentioned Dunkaroos, at which point Brie got super pumped (“Yes! Dunkaroos! Frosting!”) and then immediately demanded to know what flavor. That’s a true ’90s kid for you.

When She Bragged About Her Beautiful Friend

There is nothing on Earth stronger than the bond between a woman and her girl gang. As a woman, when you find a female friend who is ride or die, you hang on to them for dear life, you support one another, and, most importantly, you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Which is exactly what Brie did when gushing about Lashana Lynch, who plays Carol’s bestie, Maria Rambeau, and with whom Brie has forged a strong friendship:

I’m going to brag about Lashawna for a second because I love it — it’s like the movie shifts when she’s onscreen. Because there’s a level of power that she commands in that, that I was talking with people yesterday and a lot of people were tearing up talking about some of the speeches that you give because they’re like, I felt like she was talking to me. She was reminding me of myself. Hello.

That’s friendship, right there.

When She Missed Butterfly Clips

Some things from the ’90s are dead and should stay dead (looking at you, Birkenstocks). But some things should be brought back in a big way. The entire cast was asked what thing from the ’90s and Brie was quick with her answer: “Butterfly clips.”

When She Got Super Excited About Shake Shack

Who among us has not acted like an excited toddler with candy being offered the prospect of a good burger after a long day? None of us, that’s who. Okay, not you, vegetarians and vegans. Even though she’s a gorgeous actress who spent months hardcore training for the role, Brie once got so excited about Shake Shack that it got her in trouble on set when it scared one of the cats playing Goose:

I got in trouble because I ran screaming – “Shake Shack! Shack Shack!”  Right next to the cat and they’re like, ‘Shh! The cat’s working right now!’ That was my one very unprofessional moment.

When She Got Teary-Eyed Talking To A Little Girl

We all want to know that we’re making a difference and that what we do matters. During the press conference, the last question went to a young girl, who was there representing the Scholastic Kids Press Corps (shout-out to Alula Alderson!). But Brie flipped that around and told Alula she was more interested to hear what she thought of the movie as an audience member. And the explanation Brie gave for her role-reversal was so genuine and true:

I’m more curious to know what you thought of the movie. I mean, we made it for you. So that’s really what this is about. I feel like… the world is already telling you so much, as to how you’re supposed to think and feel and interpret things and who you’re supposed to grow up to be. We’re not supposed to put that on you. We’re just showing you images and it’s up to you to decide. So what did you think?

Naturally, the girl loved the move. But then she went on to tell Brie and the rest of the cast that Carol Danvers was an inspirational figure and role model for her and her friends, and that’s when Brie got teary-eyed on stage. Just as any of us would when we learn our words and our work have impacted people.

Carol Danvers might be the badass boss of space, but it’s been clear all throughout the press tour and beyond that Brie Larson is a badass boss in her own right. And she’s the perfect actor to fill Carol Danvers’ shoes.

Captain Marvel is currently lighting it up in theaters. You can get your tickets here. 


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