Five Facts About 3D+ in HFR

  1. 3D+ in HFR is an evolutionary digital format with a frame rate of 60 frames per second - more than double the traditional movie frame rate - giving audiences an amplified, fully-immersive 3D experience.

  2. With 60 3D images projected everysecond, derived from a pristine 120 frames per second master, 3D+ in HFR renders images closer than ever before to what the human eye sees, putting the viewer right in the center of the action.

  3. More images means more depth, allowing viewers to see and experience so much in the frame.

  4. This elevated combination of performance and action sees 3D+ in HFR deliver the emotional journey and visual spectacle of a filmmaker's vision exactly as they intended it.

  5. This evolution in visual storytelling gives audiences the most immersive cinematic experience that can currently be enjoyed in a theatre.