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  • When Madison is looking at Tallahassee through the binoculars, you can see a finger come up from the bottom right of the shot after she puts the binoculars down for the last time.
  • Biodiesel has a flash point as high as 130 degrees C, meaning it would have to be heated significantly before it would ignite from the touch of a flame in the climactic scene.
  • When Wichita mentions a T700 as an earlier version of the T800 zombie, Columbus corrects her and says the T800 was the first model of Terminator. However, in Terminator mythology, the first model was the T-1.
  • Just after the bus tires get blown out and they have to drive off in the minivan, you can clearly see cars driving on a busy road in the distance to the left of the city view.
  • In the opening shootout scene, a closeup of Little Rock shooting a zombie in the head shows her finger along the side of the pistol rather than on the trigger.
  • When the entire crew is in the monster truck mowing down zombies, where Columbus mentions being sick from the movement, in a quick shot, he can be briefly seen laughing and saying something else other than complaining that he was getting sick.
  • The Elvis's pink Cadillac was a 1955 Series 60 Fleetwood, as did Tallahassee said in the film, but the car used was a 1957 Series 62 Convertible. Elvis Presley did own 2 1957 Cadillacs, but they were both Eldorados, and neither of them was pink.
  • After the team gets into the monster truck and they buckle their seat belts, a title with 'Rule 4, Buckle Up' is shown on the screen. After being on screen for a second, the '4' in the title is changed to '4A'.
  • Tallahassee destroys a minivan side mirror after the incident with the monster truck. In the very next scene on the abandoned highway the minivan's side mirrors are intact.
  • In the scene of the presidential pardon of Wesley Snipes, The word "Proclamation" is written as "Proclaimation".


  • When Tallahassee blows up the minivan with a grenade, one of the side view mirrors flies past his head. In the following shot of the van, both mirrors are still there.
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