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Quotes from Woman in the Moon (Frau im Mond)

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    • [Opening intertitle]
    • The Author: "Never" does not exist for the human mind... only "Not yet."
    • Wolf Helius: If you should fall down those stairs again, I will not be there to catch you.
    • Professor Georg Manfeldt: Laughter, gentlemen, is the argument of idiots against every new idea - !
    • Professor Georg Manfeldt: The day will come that the first space ship will fly to the moon to bring its gold back to earth!
    • Professor Georg Manfeldt: Progress on earth will not fail because of learned ignoramuses who totally lack in fantasy and whose brains operate in inverse proportion to their calcification!
    • Stud. astr. Friede Velten: Why didn't you tell us that you really want to fly to the moon?
    • Stud. astr. Friede Velten: At work, at the laboratory, in this room... you often called me your good comrade.
    • Ingenieur Hans Windegger: Friede, do you want to come with me?
    • Wolf Helius: The spaceship "Friede" - peace - is ready for takeoff. At moonrise the spaceship will alight into space. And, God willing, we will land - thirty-six hours later - on the far side of the moon.
    • Der Mann am Mikrophon: At that moment, all bells will ring, sirens of all factories, trains and ships all over the world will sound in honor of the pioneers of space navigation!
    • Stud. astr. Friede Velten: Helius, do you want to shame me as a woman? The eyes of the world are on us - the ears of the world are listening.
    • Wolf Helius: Everyone to their stations - we launch in fifty minutes!
    • Wolf Helius: 20 Seconds to go - lie still - take a deep breathe!
    • Wolf Helius: ...in 6 Seconds! 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 NOW!
    • Professor Georg Manfeldt: The moon awaits!
    • Stud. astr. Friede Velten: Helius is convinced that he'll find water with the divining rod!
    • Ingenieur Hans Windegger: The only thing we're going to find on the moon is... Death.
    • Ingenieur Hans Windegger: There is only one longing! Back to earth!
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