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  • The name of the Wicked Witch, Elphaba, was created by taking the phonetic pronunciation of the original "Wizard of Oz" author L. Frank Baum's initials, L-F-B, which became Elphaba.
  • The rumored "Elphaba" Lea Michele sang "Defying Gravity" and "For Good" on the TV show "Glee". Glee also starred the original "Elphaba" Idina Menzel as Lea's character's mother as well as guest starring the original "Glinda" Kristin Chenoweth.
  • The Broadway version of "Wicked" opened on 30 October 2003, at the Gershwin Theatre, New York.
  • Amanda Seyfried is actively pursuing the role of Glinda.
  • Based on the stage musical "Wicked".
  • After the Academy Awards of 2015, Anna Kendrick, a possible candidate for Elphaba, posted a photo of herself on Instagram saying she was flying out to Atlanta to film an undisclosed project with the hashtag "No Rest For The Wicked", which could possibly mean the movie is already in production, starring her.
  • The first stage production of "Wicked" opened in San Francisco at the Curran Theater.
  • Based off a book by Gregory Macguire of the same name.
  • It was announced in Feb. 2019 that Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot) will direct a feature film adaptation, from a screenplay by writer Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life) and composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz (Godspell), who respectively wrote the book, and the music and lyrics for the Broadway musical.
  • Kristin Chenoweth, one of the original actors from the first Broadway production of Wicked, has said that she wants Ariana Grande to play Elphaba and Dove Cameron to play Glinda.


  • In the Broadway musical, Glinda was originally named Galinda, but a teacher, Dr. Dillamond, kept pronouncing it "Glinda". When Dr. Dillamond was forced to leave Shiz, Galinda said that she was changing her name to Glinda, in honor of him.
  • In 2005 the night before Idina Menzel's last night acting in Wicked a new person was controlling the trap door where she walks then melts. When Idina was on her second step towards the door instead of 3 the person opened the door and Idina Menzel fell and held herself up by her arms and ended up breaking her ribs and was only able to sing one song on her last night.
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