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  • (at around 1h 8 mins) Anne picks up Eddie/Venom at the Transamerica Pyramid then heads to a hospital by driving along the Embarcadero (the street that goes along the waterfront). This street is out of the way to go to any hospital in the city with numerous other streets offering more direct and quicker routes.
  • (at around 6 mins) The Ducati Scrambler has no mirror in the first scene. In the chase scene (at around 54 mins) there is one on the left side.
  • (at around 1h 30 mins) At the end, when Eddie is walking to Mrs. Chen's store, it's daytime, but when he exits the store it's night time. Actually, when Eddie enters the store it's clearly dark outside. When he starts walking to the store it's right around sunset (judging by sky color and lighting of the buildings). If it took him 20-30 minutes to reach the store (which is reasonable, since he was walking slowly), it may well be dark.
  • (at around 46 mins) The African American test subject is strapped to an upright x-ray film holder and has a portable x-ray machine pointed at him, neither of which can do any of the imaging that shows up on the monitors. Same items are seen in the room during the first test subjects exposure session. These two items are not normally used together for diagnostic x-rays anyway.
  • (at around 4 mins) When the Malaysian EMT was walking towards a Chinese market from the crashed ambulance, autumn leaves could be seen at the roadside. Malaysia is a tropical country, there should not be any seasonal changes in even the place is at Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo island.
  • (at around 11 mins) When Carlton Drake is giving a tour to the school children, he gives his lapel pin to one of the school children. In the next scene, after Carlton excuses himself to interview with Eddie, Carlton is, again, wearing the pin he just gave away. However his assistant Dr. Skirth said he needed to get changed for his interview so he could've gotten a new pin while changing.
  • (at around 3 mins) People's breath can be seen at the crash site that's supposed to be in Malaysia. It never gets cold enough there to see your breath.
  • (at around 2 mins) Some assume that the crash site is in Cebu, which is in the Philippines, not Malaysia. However, it's not Cebu, but Sibu, which is indeed in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The map on the computer in the control center shows the states of Sabah and Sarawak, in east Malaysia. The medical technician actually speaks Malay.
  • (at around 3 mins) The scenes with the Malaysian ambulance shows the vehicle driving on the right hand side of the road, and the steering wheel on the left-hand side of the vehicle. Malaysia drives on the left side of the road (like in the UK & Australia), and the steering wheel should be on the right-hand side of the vehicle.
  • When Eddie Brock is in the kitchen of his San Francisco apartment, the grocery bags on the counter are from Ralph's. Ralph's is a grocery chain from Southern California that does not have locations in the Bay Area.
  • (at around 53 mins) When Eddie is surrounded in his apartment and escapes out the window to another apartment below, he is shot at continuously and Venom creates a shield to stop the incoming bullets. When the shield dissipates, the bullets fall to the floor, creating a tinkling sound commonly associated with the sound of bullet casings hitting the floor, instead of the correct thud of heavier, lead bullets.
  • When newly formed 'Venom' breaks out of the Life foundation (which looks like a hi-tech research facility) they don't know who stole the organism. Why not just check the security cam feed? Why waste time interrogating the doctor at all? However it is possible that they don't keep cameras around the facility. The facility is secret and doing some pretty unethical stuff. They intentionally don't have cameras hanging around recording all the illegal activity. Especially in the location they are testing humans. Or else Dr. Skirth wouldn't have needed Eddie to take the photos for evidence, just take the security camera footage.
  • (at around 46 mins) The movie establishes that the symbiotes are hurt by loud sounds between 4000 and 6000 hertz, even though hertz are a measure of frequency, not volume. But it's not a mistake. For a sound to affect the symbiotes it has to be both in this specific frequency range, which apparently resonates with this life form, and loud enough to make this resonance harmful. In particular, higher frequencies would have no such effect regardless of the volume, and even sounds in the 4-6 KHz range would have minimal effect if they're not loud enough (otherwise Venom would be under constant pain, because such frequencies are quite common, well within human auditory range).
  • In the chase scene with the Ducati scrambler, it at certain times sounds like a real Ducati with a twin-cylinder engine. But then most of the time during the chase the sound is edited to a 4-cylinder bike.
  • The symbiotes at the lab are shown to reject and kill most hosts, yet Venom and Riot change hosts repeatedly throughout the film whenever they want or need to with no ill effects. Dr. Skirth explains that hosts must be compatible to survive, but the nature of this compatibility is never explained, so it can be intricate enough to explain all the host-symbiot interactions in the movie. Also, it appears that symbiotes can sense compatibility from afar, so they choose the hosts they need (the symbiotes in the lab aren't given a choice). It is also possible that Dr. Skirth was wrong and symbiotes can assimilate or kill a host at will. Indeed, Venom was killing Eddie at first simply because he was hungry. It is also possible that symbiotes learn from experience and become better at assimilation. Indeed, it seems that as time goes on more and more hosts survive in the lab experiments.
  • (at around 21 mins) When Eddie is crouched inside Mrs. Chen's Grocery Store, he leans up against a stack of MILLVILLE cereal, which is an exclusive brand of ALDI grocery stores. While there are Aldi locations in Southern California, it's unlikely she would be buying from a retailer instead of a wholesaler.
  • (at around 14 mins) After Anne was fired she walked out of the building holding a box full of her stuff. While arguing with Eddie she dropped the box and a few things fell out. However, when she picked the box up nothing was on the ground.
  • (at around 1h 5 mins) When Eddie leaves his phone on the MNBN desk, the desk is in the penthouse of the building which is 48 storeys. When leaving the office building via the elevator the elevator banks distinctly indicate that he is on floor 8.
  • (at around 11 mins) When the little girl wants to speak to Drake during the factory tour the other kids shush her. Drake explains the girl not to let others silence her, then gives her his badge and leaves the group without letting her ask a question, essentially silencing the girl. Actually when Drake is leaving for his interview, he tells the girl that another scientist will answer her question.
  • (at around 50 mins) Before the mercs knocked on Eddie's door Venom sensed them. When Anne was taking Eddie to the hospital later on in the movie (at around 1h 10 mins) Venom didn't sense the drone flying behind Anne's car. However, we don't know how Venom's senses work. It is possible that he senses living beings much better than machines. Besides, hearing approaching humans from a quiet apartment is much easier than hearing a drone from inside a moving car on a loud street.
  • (at around 1h 12 mins) When Brock is in the MRI, the sound frequency emitted by the machine huts the symbiote. MRIs do not use sound frequencies. There is a loud knocking noise when a test is performed, but is not a sound that emits a high frequency. It is the equivalent of someone knocking loudly on a door. MRIs use high powered magnets when they perform their tests. An ultrasound, on the other hand, would probably produce the high frequency sound that would hurt the symbiote. And, speaking of magnets, the room in which the MRI is installed has metal objects all over the place. You can not have metal objects in a room with an MRI installed, unless said objects are tightly fastened down. There have been deaths from metal being "sucked" into the machine with a patient being tested. A young boy was recently killed from a fire extinguisher being "sucked" into the machine at high velocity and striking the boy in the head.
  • (at around 56 mins) During the chase scene, the security team leader says "Target is now East-bound on Grant" but Grant Avenue in San Francisco runs North/South not East/West.
  • Eddie wears a ring on his left forefinger. When he's watering his plant and when he's walking to Drake's rocket while talking to Venom there are a few shots where his ring is on his right forefinger. It's because the camera is mirrored. His hairstyle is different too.
  • (at around 1h 1 min) When Dan performs tests on Eddie, he calls Ann to get reach Eddie and also tells her what he found. This directly violates patient Dr./Patient confidentiality as regulated by the Health Privacy Information Act. Dan could lose his medical license if it was discovered he was sharing medical diagnosis information with someone other than the patient.
  • (at around 55 mins) A drone crashes into the back of a Chrysler sedan and explodes, but when the flames dissipate there is no damage to the body of the sedan (i.e., no impact damage on the trunk lid).
  • (at around 55 mins) During the chase scene, Eddie/Venom turns left up a side street, which is a one-way, as there is a 'do not enter' sign at the bottom of the hill, and it is a one lane street; as Eddie/Venom is seen from behind, going uphill, it is now a two lane street with a double yellow line down the middle, with a traffic sign at the top of the hill facing him.
  • (at around 46 mins) In the MRI lab, the device used to deliver sound to the test subject is a first generation Mackie Big Knob studio monitor controller (originally produced in 2005), with the model name on the top right corner covered with black tape. However, only a power cable is shown connected - there are no audio output cables connected to the controller, which would normally be seen anywhere on the rear from the centre "big knob" to the power connector on the right, including below the three volume controls beside the power cable.
  • (at around 33 mins) When Eddie is on the bridge deciding whether or not to call Dora, you can hear a single ring of his cell phone before he actually picks it up and calls her.
  • (at around 1h 2 mins) After Dan calls Anne telling her that Eddie needs to be brought to the hospital, Anne tries calling Eddie. Eddie hangs up before taking the call, then Venom asks Eddie who Anne is. A few scenes before this, however, Venom told Eddie he knew everything about him. If this is correct, Venom would already know who Anne is.
  • (at around 43 mins) Shortly after Eddie merges with the alien, he is at the restaurant he is very hungry and hot. He sits in the fishlobster aquarium. Doing so no water is displacedspilled as he jumps in.


  • (at around 1h 30 mins) During the end scene when Eddie/Venom is walking out of the convenience store, no torso or blood can be seen on the floor behind him despite him just killing the criminal. Apparently, Venom didn't just bite the criminal's head off, but devoured him whole.
  • (at around 37 mins) When Maria rolls off of Eddie and collapses on the lab floor, her head turns to her right, facing away from him, but when Eddie looks at her a moment later, her head is to her left, facing him.
  • A little girl is traveling all alone on an overseas fight with no one watching over her? And how did she get into the guarded facility by herself? How did she even get from the airport to the facility? You can actually see that the little girl is with what is to be assumed is her mother at the Malaysian airport bathrooms and you see the mother again at the taxi ranks outside the airport in San Francisco. The fact that shes was also infected with the Symbiote would explain how she was able to enter the life facility without been noticed.
  • during the car/motorcycle chase scene they pass the same Rialto theater 4-5 times.
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