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    • [from trailer]
    • Adelaide Wilson: They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are. We need to move and keep moving. They won't stop until they kill us... or we kill them.
    • Gabe Wilson: If you wanna get crazy, we can get crazy!
    • Red: Be careful!
    • Red: but the soul remains one
    • Red: Once upon a time, there was a girl and the girl had a shadow. The two were connected, tethered together. And the girl ate, her food was given to her warm and tasty. But when the shadow was hungry, he had to eat rabbit raw and bloody. On Christmas, the girl received wonderful toys; soft and cushy. But the shadow's toys were so sharp and cold they sliced through her fingers when she tried to play with them. The girl met a handsome prince and fell in love. But the shadow at that same time had Abraham, it didn't matter if she loved him or not. He was tethered to the girl's prince after all. Then the girl had her first child, a beautiful baby girl. But the shadow, she gave birth to a little monster. Umbrae was born laughing. The girl had a second child, a boy this time. They had to cut her open and take him from her belly. The shadow had to do it all herself. She named him Pluto, he was born to love fire. So you see, the shadow hated the girl so much for so long until one day the shadow realized she was being tested by God.
    • Gabe Wilson: Who are you people?
    • Red: We're Americans.
    • Jason Wilson: It's us.
    • Gabe Wilson: You're scaring the kids.
    • Jason Wilson: Too late.
    • Zora Wilson: Too late.
    • Zora Wilson: I'm driving.
    • Jason Wilson: I killed Kitty.
    • [pointing at the family]
    • Gabe Wilson: So that's one, one, one and two. I killed two. I killed myself and Josh, so...
    • Adelaide Wilson: It doesn't matter! Zora, get in the back!
    • Adelaide Wilson: No way.
    • Gabe Wilson: I told her no.
    • Zora Wilson: Dad's leg is messed up, you're handcuffed. It's not safe, I'm driving.
    • Adelaide Wilson: Zora, no!
    • Zora Wilson: I have the highest kill count in the family.
    • Adelaide Wilson: You don't have the highest kill count.
    • Zora Wilson: I killed both twins.
    • Adelaide Wilson: Wrong. I just killed the second one.
    • Adelaide Wilson: Where's Jason?
    • Gabe Wilson: No, we're staying here. That's final.
    • Adelaide Wilson: You don't get to make the decisions anymore!
    • Jason Wilson: What are Micro Machines?
    • Zora Wilson: What's Home Alone?
    • Red: And to think, if it weren't for you... I never would've danced at all.
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