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  • When Gabe was talking to Abby in their bedroom, he was in his plaid shorts. Then Jason got to tell them about the outsiders, they moved right away to the front door. Gabe was already in his trousers when he got out.
  • When Gabe and his doppelganger, Abraham, (Duke Winston) fall overboard in the motorboat, the boat did not go into the "circle of death." When people fall overboard in small motorboats and the motor is still in operation, the propellers and steering force to continually veer left, making it circle the people in the water, often closing in on them. This is referred to as "The Circle of Death." Many people have been injured and even killed by boat propellers in these situations.
  • During the first confrontation, Adelaide on the cell phones states the police are 14 minutes away, but they never show at all.
  • The VHS tape of C.H.U.D. seen in the opening is the Starmaker release from 1993, and the opening is set in 1986.
  • After Abraham tries on Gabe's glasses, he takes them off but we never see Gabe get them back. Gabe is wearing them in the next scene.
  • Adelaide struggled to reach the fireplace poker (when handcuffed to the table) despite the table being light enough to push/drag closer to the fireplace.
  • When young Adelaide entered the house of mirrors on the beach, it suddenly began raining. However, the wooden deck at the entrance was already entirely drenched, presumably from previous takes.
  • Rabbit is supposedly the only food source for the Tethered. However, rabbit meat is incredibly lean, and actually takes more calories to digest than it provides. This phenomenon, known as rabbit starvation, makes it impossible to survive on a diet of rabbit alone.
  • When Adelaide walks in the basement to turn on the light, the switch is on the right of her. Once she walks through the door the light switch is on the left. Later, the light switch is on the right again.
  • When the family is driving in the stolen Land Rover, and then sees their car burning and Pluto is standing in the middle of the road snapping his fingers, there is never any gas or lighter fluid visible on the road until just before Pluto holds up the match. When Pluto does hold up the match, there is now a straight line of gas/liquid on the road leading directly underneath the Land Rover, which would have been visible in the scenes immediately before this.
  • How do the Tethered have near-exact copies of their human counterparts' clothing?


  • Early in the film, when the mother is handcuffed, one on her wrist, with the other end going on the family's lake-house coffee table, she gets a tool and saws the coffee table horizontal wood piece and gets free. Then for the remainder of the film she is handcuffed on both wrists.
  • The ending's big finale/reveal (uncreatively) hints that the evil subterranean doppelganger child conked out the mother as a child herself when she was in the hall of mirrors, dragged her extremely far down escalators and such, and assumed the mother's life. If she were knocked out, she wouldn't recall the knockout, dragging, and then waking up chained to a bunk bed as clearly as what was shown to the audience.
  • Might open a philosophical can of worms of a debate, but if the tunnel dwellers are sharing this "two bodies one soul" relationship, it implies that as they are being killed above ground that their twin counterparts would be damaged or hurt in some way by their murders in self-defense.
  • when Adelaide stabs Red, the poker pierces Red and comes out the backside, but Red's jumper is not ripped in the way a two-pronged poker would have ripped it. (The hole was very small.)
  • The physical connection between the parallel characters is incoherent. For example, when Abraham deliberately smashes his face to he boat his "shadow" gets knocked out. Still, there are numerous occasions throughout the film when a character is suffering damage but their counterparts are not affected.
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