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  • During the opening title sequence a typo can be seen, twice, where a portion of the station blueprints is labelled "BOYANCY COMPENASATORS"
  • Around 24:00 into the movie, when the team are getting suited up, Emily is clearly seen sitting without her pants on. Then, 12 seconds later she stands up, fully clothed, and starts to take her pants off.
  • Emily is able to use a heavy object to smash the glass on Nora's helmet. If this was all it took to smash the glass, Nora's helmet would never have withstood the pressure of being so far below surface.
  • Upon arriving at Shepherd station Norah can be seen placing an orange flare box on the table in front of her to examine its contents. Yet in the next shot both the flare box and previously moved equipment can be seen back in their original positions.
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