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  • When Mr. Glass gets his first comic book on the playground bench in 1974, the cover of the book depicts as a backdrop the Philadelphia skyline, featuring predominantly Two Liberty Place, which was not built until 1990.
  • When David Dunn opens the letter from Limited Edition, a close-up shows the envelope flap closed as he reads the card. From a different angle, the flap is open.
  • David Dunn and a few other security guards are shown wearing FSU jackets and caps; this refers to the fictional Franklin State University where he works (the name derives from Franklin Field, the actual stadium name).
  • Two computers under Elijah's desk move three feet to the right.
  • Elijah Price/Mr. Glass has Osteogenesis imperfecta but is very tall. People with this disease generally don't grow to be as tall as Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Early in the movie David is reading a "Philadelphia Inquirer" newspaper. At the end this becomes a "Philadelphia Telegraph".
  • The "original" comic pages displayed in the gallery "Limited Edition" are too small. Comic book art is done on 14X17 pages, much larger than on display here.
  • The baby in the opening scene is clearly shown pushing hard against his blanket with what seems to be an intact right arm. The doctor then states that the baby's arms and legs are broken.
  • In Elijah's office in the final scene, a newspaper headline reads: "Mudslide in Mexico - Kills All Expect Newborn" - "Expect" should be "Except".
  • At several points they show comic book images which are supposed to be from the "silver age", the 1950s-1960s. However, the art displayed in them is not accurate for the period and is closer to the style predominant in the industry in the 1990s.
  • Mr. Glass describes his disorder (Osteogenesis imperfecta). He describes the disorder as having 4 types each increasing in severity. At the time this movie was made only 4 types were identified. There are currently 8 types of the disorder identified as well as several subtypes.
  • After David notices the man in the orange jump suit in the train station doing his job picking up bags of garbage from cans, the man does not put a new bag in the can.
  • Elijah as a boy has his right arm in a sling. When he goes outside to open his gift his left arm is in the sling and he uses his right arm to open the gift.
  • The position that the orange juice carton is faced when David's son sits down for breakfast.
  • The cardboard orange juice carton has a plastic twist cap on the top. These cartons did not appear until the early 1990's. (Patent 5,065,938 November 19, 1991)
  • In Elijah's gallery, original comic book cover art is shown to be colored, when in reality, the production work is always in black and white.
  • When Elijah Price goes from Franklin Field to the train station on South Street there is a post with a "Subway" sign at the top of the stairs. There is no subway running under South Street. It is a train station entrance. The subways in Philadelphia run under Broad and Market Streets with a spur line that goes to Camden, NJ. There is, also, the Frankfort Elevated Line.
  • After David releases Elijah's hand, he scans Elijah's room in which he notices a newspaper clip hanging on the wall. The newspaper headline has a misspelling in it: "Mexico Landslide All Dead Expect Baby". Expect should be Except.
  • When David Dunn opens the basement door revealing the supposedly dead father, in the second quick jump cut close up you can see the actors stomach rising as he takes a breath.
  • At the end of the movie, after it's revealed who Elijah is, the camera pans across his desk showing his research. One of the large newspaper headlines reads "Mudslide in Mexico: Kills All 'Expect' Newborn"....it should read "Kills All 'Except' Newborn".
  • The position of the newspaper between David Dunn sliding it to his son, and where it is when the son reads the headline.


  • When David strangles the killer, the wall shakes. The repaired hole from a previous take is obvious before the hole is made.
  • The "Hero rescues two children" headline changes from regular to italic type.
  • When David Dunn opens the basement door revealing the dead father, in the second quick jump cut close up you can see the man is breathing.
  • When David shares his identity with his son at the breakfast table, he pushes a newspaper toward him. In the close-up, the newspaper is folded into quarters, but in the wide-angle shot, it is clearly only folded in half.
  • When David's son attempts to shoot David to prove David is unbreakable, David grabs the gun from the table using his left hand (with his wedding band on) in the close up shot, but in the master shot, we can see he used his right hand to grab the gun.
  • The criminal was killed by David, according to the newspaper article. But after he is strangled and lying on the floor he is still visibly breathing. This is a goof, unless David killed him later, or he slowly died from the choking after David had left, or the article was mistaken, all of which make little sense.
  • When David follows the Orange Suit Man into the house, David goes upstairs and into a bedroom where he hears a whimper. In the master shot, the closet door where the children are held captive is cracked but in the following shot David is seen and heard opening the same door.
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