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  • Yousef Erakat, a.k.a. "FouseyTUBE" from YouTube, has a role in the movie.
  • Tyler Perry says the idea was conceived after watching the film Top Five (2014). In that film, Chris Rock's character enters a movie theater and sees movie goers lined up for a fictional Tyler Perry movie about Madea fighting ghosts in a haunted house. That movie was also called "Boo!"
  • Shot in six days.
  • The latest Tyler Perry movie to be released in theaters in two years (the last Tyler Perry movie was [link=Tyler Perry]) and the latest Madea movie to be released in theaters in three years.
  • Mike Tornabene, a.k.a. "Dom Mazzeti" from the YouTube channel brosciencelife, has a role in this movie.
  • YouTubers Kian Lawley and J.C. Caylen appear as frat boys.
  • The YouTuber Liza Koshy, known by her fans as "little brown girl," played the role of Aday.
  • The film netted $74 million between domestic and international runs and $72 million of that was domestic. Having only a six-day shooting schedule, it made roughly $12.3 million per day of shooting.
  • In the scene where BJ walks through the living room, the actor is holding the iPad of the film's script supervisor which happened to have a PDF of the script on the screen as the prop was improvised as cameras started rolling on the scene.
  • While both Bam and Hattie call Madea by her given name, Bam also calls her 'Dea', and Hattie calls her 'Ma'.
  • The first film in the franchise to feature Hattie and the second film in the franchise to feature Aunt Bam.
  • Lexy Panterra and Bella Thorne both play 18 year olds in the movie. Thorne was actually 18 when filming occured, while Panterra was 26.
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