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Goofs from Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

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  • At the birthday party, the lipstick on her mom's straw changes.
  • Each time that there is a cuss word that's replaced, the audio/video doesn't match. It's obvious that the actor/actress actually cussed and that the word was replaced.
  • When Madea and Aunt go to the outhouse, it's dark and spooky. When the camera pans away and comes back, there's a lit lantern outside.
  • The chainsaws have no teeth.
  • After being chased by the guy with the chainsaw, Tiffany calls her mom and asks to be picked up. This makes no sense, as she drove there herself. She could just leave the campsite in her own vehicle.
  • Near the end at the police station Madeas height says 6'7" on her wanted poster, but it's clear from the wall paper behind her she's only about 6 feet tall.
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